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Sylum Inspiration: Jake Lonergan

Sylum Inspiration: Jake Lonergan


Oceania: Hunter


Jake Lonergan was raised in the frontier lands of Missouri and Kansas. As a boy he saw the stress and violence between the slave and free states. When the war broke out, he found himself defending his home from Quatrill, rather than fighting for the Union.

After the war he fled the area and headed West. His gun skills improved but not his temper. He found himself involved in petty gangs, rustling cattle, robbing stage coaches. When he ran into the James Gang, he had to stop himself from shooting either of the brothers for what they did to his family farm.

He walked away from the gang he was working with and found himself in Redemption. He should’ve stayed with the gang. He ended up hired as Herod’s guard. At first it wasn’t anything special, but he began to realize there was more going on than he thought. Herod’s cruelty saw no ends, and the first time Herod attacked and Fed on him, he knew he had to get out.

When Cort was dragged back into town, the low he thought Herod couldn’t stoop any further, he was horrified at what the Vampire did to Cort. Not able to take anymore, he snuck out of town during the competition.

Ended up in Absolution.

Facing a snotty kid and his old gang.

It was afterwards, he confronted Dolarhyde about what he suspected. Woodrow smirked at him, stating at least he didn’t have to explain it. Jake laughed his ass off when he discovered he was his Mate. Six months later he was Turned. Six months after that they were Mated.

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