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Sylum Inspiration: HM Murdock

Sylum Inspiration: HM Murdock

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Humphrey Marrion was born in a small town outside Houston, Texas in 1890. He was always an active child getting into trouble for his over active imagination. He had dreams of getting off the ranch and having grand adventures.

As he grew up his family pushed for him to stop talking nonsense and settle down. Tension with his family came to a fore front when he informed them he was going to France to learn to fly. As he walked out the door he was told not to come back.

Murdock made his way to the South of France where a small squadron was being developed to help with the war effort in Europe. He was a natural. Took to the air like a bird, impressing his superiors despite the fact he was a brash American.

While he learned to fly he met a Henri Benoit, a French Captain, who he had become fast friends with. The two were inseparable, and it was Henri who kept Murdock from trouble with others in the camp.

Murdock was devastated when Henri was killed during an air strike from the Germans. Without thought he climbed into his plane and went after the raiders, only to get into a heavy dogfight with none other than the famous Red Baron.

With luck and determination Murdock was able to land his crippled plane, and barely made it to the cover of the trees before the Baron swooped down on the pilot.

Hiding in the trees, Murdock thought he was safe only to be hunted by a more deadly creature. It wasn’t until the next morning when he emerged from the forest into the arms of Council Spies, Jonathon Clavier and Carlos Alvarez broken and bleeding. Carlos gave him an offer of a new life, one he accepted as he fell into darkness.

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