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Sylum Inspiration: Heidi

Sylum Inspiration: Heidi

Ehre/Weisheit: Hunter

Heidi doesn’t remember much of her family. She remembers her dad was tall and always made her laugh, while mom had a beautiful singing voice. After they died she was given to her grandpa Alp-Oehi.

He took her to the Von Trapps where she was raised with an education and all intents to be presented in court. Except she had no interest in court and was more interested in learning how to fight.

When she was old enough she went straight to her grandpa and asked to be Turned.

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  1. najean1

    I love it! More strong warrior what we need now. Teach the gentlemen a thing or two. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t female warriors considered more terrifying and “savage” than men? Think of lionesses protecting their cubs.
    I always loved Heidi. I’m old enough to remember watching Shirley Temple in the movies!
    (Ooops! Dating myself again… )
    More on Heidi, please?
    —-Naj ❤❤

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