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Sylum Inspiration: Enki Sumer

Sylum Inspiration: Enki Sumer

Mod Kin Clan: Member

Enki isn’t a Vampire, nor is Human.

He’s a Navigator and from the same planet as Davy Jones and Blackbeard.

He was pulled into their war, when Blackbeard enslaved his mermaids.  He was dragged to Earth, and severely wounded.  He found a safe place, in the Northern Seas, specifically like to stay near Iceland and Norway.

He became more known to Vampires after he met Hiccup and Toothless.  He ended up helping out Noromer, yet hasn’t told him quite yet.  He has a soft spot for him, especially after he faced Davy Jones head on, and won (sort of).

He finally got his mermaids back, after Jack Sparrow tricked Blackbeard back into the locker, leaving them finally free of his influence.

To this day he still prefers the Northerns Seas.  He stops by to see Gran, and talks to the Mariner a lot.  He gets a kick out of Jack Frost, always had and is happy he has his ‘Bunny’.


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