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Sylum Inspiration: Emma Frost

Sylum Inspiration: Emma Frost

Oceania: Member

Emma was one of three daughters of a wealthy land owning family in Australia.  Her suave and no nonsense attitude had her inheriting the family business and creating a small empire.  Her ability to move ahead of the market or get competitors to do her well had caught a few people’s attention.  Including Franklin Frost, who knew a potential asset when he saw one.

He wined and dined her, trying to find more information, but was caught off guard when she asked how his husband felt about their ‘date’.  Even more curious, he gave her the straight answer that he was recruiting her.

It was then he discovered there was more to Emma than a sophisticated brain and gorgeous looks.  After months of meetings, and having dinner with Frankie and Richie, she started to work for Oceania Clan, specifically Frankie.

In time they discovered her abilities. It wasn’t the weirdest thing Frankie had seen, but they kept it under wraps.  So when Emma asked to be Turned, he did it himself.

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  1. najean1

    Lovely! I am always glad to read about strong, capable women. People forget who is usually the power behind the throne! I would love to have seen Frankie’s face when Emma asked about his husband…..
    —Naj 🙂

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