Sylum Inspiration: Eames

Sanguen: Hunter


Eames is fourth generation Londoner though someone at some point in his family migrated from some part of Russia; but any papers related to that were destroyed before World War I. However, Russian is among the dozen languages that he speaks quite fluently.

He completed his A-Levels and one year of post-secondary before he joined the Army. With his knowledge of weapons (both large and small, but would take a Heckler & Koch P2000 any day), languages, arts, and his quick thinking he soon found himself as part of the Special Air Service. Where he honed his skills as a thief and forger.

Then he no longer technically existed. Pulled into an international team to among other things, fight terrorism. Too bad politics, blackmail, the death of two team members, and a loon left in charge –the entire team became compromised.

He made himself new papers since he no longer existed anyway, and then disappeared.

At the age of 32 he dies in Greece.

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