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Sylum Inspiration: Draco

Sylum Inspiration: Draco

Camelot: War Counsel


Draco was born into a small Viking village, Draco doesn’t remember much of his childhood, just that he was named after the Dragons.

It was Draco the Dragon who plucked him out of the sea one day and tossed him onto the shores beneath Tintagel in order to save him from drowning when his boat sank.  The dragon symbol on his leather breastplate had piqued the actual Dragon’s attention.

He settled, albeit with some effort on everyone’s part, into life at Tintagel, discovering that there were some gaps in his memory that could only be put down to having suffered a head injury while in the water.  He always wondered why Galahad would run from him whenever he was around, but he felt compelled to approach Arthur about staying and becoming one of his Knights. He could not deny feeling a comradeship toward the King, and was valuable to the Clan as a fierce fighter and excellent swordsman.

Arthur told him to go talk to Severus and Galahad before he swore his loyalty.

Draco’s stubborn attitude finally got the two men alone, and he demanded to know what the problem was, only to then discover that he was their Mate.

He stood for a few moments, taking in that particular information, before turning and walking away.

In his mind there was only one person he could talk to about being a Vampire.  So he went into the Dragon’s lair and asked his namesake why he had saved him. The Dragon simply answered, that it was because he should be part of the Clan.

Draco made his way back up to Tintagel Castle, and found Galahad, promptly shoving him against the nearest wall and kissing him in front of everyone.

Severus rolled his eyes, grabbed the ‘kids’ and dragged them off to their rooms.

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