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Sylum Inspiration: Diego de la Vega Sánchez

Sylum Inspiration: Diego de la Vega Sánchez

Integridad: Hunter

(Continuing our theme of ‘Saved from the Brink’)

Alejandro stood on his own, and sent Diego back to Integridad Kin Clan where he was needed, and he continued his role as Zorro, taking the name Don Diego de la Vega Sánchez, a mix of his adopted father, along with his mother’s sir name, the only thing he remembered of her.

Always a man of passion, he fell for the Governor’s daughter Elena Montero, soon stealing her away from him. The Governor and Elena’s future husband set out to bring her back and destroy Diego. In the ensuing fight, Elena was mortally wounded and Diego’s Hacienda was destroyed, but he was able to save Elena by taking her down into the basement where he trained. After seeking her permission to save her, she gave her consent and Diego Turned her.

Elena stayed with him for a while, before heading to Spain to train with the Diego senior.

A few years later he met Timothy Quinn. The friendship between the two developed into a decades-long love affair that lasted until Timothy’s Childe Bryon Hanson was killed in New York. The two remained close friends.

Diego settled into New Orleans, taking the position as Head of Security for Nicolaus Valerius Meridius. He enjoyed living in New Orleans and serving on the City Council.

While traveling to meet up with Hunters James Hickok and Noah Dixon, he found himself resting in a small town. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out the citizens were scared of something. His old instincts kicked in, and he found himself in the middle of a Range War. While Hunting down one group he came upon the Doctor’s house, finding Gregory House laying on the floor bleeding out. The irony was he was cursing Diego’s old lover. He gave the doctor a new opportunity, which he took. Diego wasn’t sure if he regretted that decision or not.

He always made sure his two kids were safe and secure, and when House telegraphed him about finding his Mate on the front lines, Diego telegraphed back to Claim them. He never wanted to see his Childe go through what he witnessed with Bryon and Riddick.  OrTimothy during the Civil War.

He was happy for Timothy when he came to the Manor with his new Mate Horatio Caine, and did everything in his power to protect his Family, his friends, and his Clan.  He really wasn’t too surprised that one of Speed’s co-workers was his Mate; fate seemed to love or hate him, he was never sure which.

During the battle with Richelieu, Diego was severely wounded.

He requested from Nico that he take time off and travel back to Spain to recoup, handing over his job as Head of Security to Horatio Caine.  Nico granted his request and made sure he knew his family and home would be waiting for him.

When he had heard about Nick’s kidnapping he sent word to him, sending his condolences over Aubrey and to apologize for not being there.  Nico told him to watch over Brigid Maturin, as she had lost her father.

Diego felt his failure deeply when Brigid was killed in a crowded street.  He stayed in Spain, constantly being told he was hiding.  It wasn’t until after the Colosseum Incident that he was ready to contact Nico about returning as a Hunter.  He was surprised when Calleigh showed up at his door, wearing nothing but a smile and high heels – giving him one last time to take what was his.

He wasn’t that stupid.

Diego has been training Calleigh to be a Hunter, and she excels at it.


  1. Bayye Belle

    Yay!!!!! Diego lives!!!!! And he knows his mate! Calleigh is his mate! Diego lives!!! Sorry for the high pitched squeals.. this takes me back to when i first got into Sylum. One Chapter at a time on PAPER…. one of my first out loud “Oh-Noes!” while voraciously reading Sylum. Good, good times!

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Yes – Colosseum is in the works. We had a plan. Then 2020 hit and the plan got derailed.

      That bunny is sitting around plotting – though it maybe packed at the moment. But at some point yes, those two will have some storyline.

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