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Sylum Inspiration: Danny McCoy

Sylum Inspiration: Danny McCoy

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Danny was born Daniel Michael McCoy in 1905. He was the oldest of three children and his father was the owner of a profitable construction company, who always wanted young Danny to follow in his footsteps and eventually become a powerful businessman. Danny however, is closer to his mother, who encourages him to do what he wants from an early age. His mother does what she can to shield him until she becomes ill when he’s fifteen. She passes away when he is sixteen and he and his father immediately butt heads, his younger siblings having been sent to live with relatives on his mother’s side. The one thing he and his father agree on is to take in his best friend Mary when it turns out that her father is abusing her. Danny goes to their home after he hears yelling, only to find her father beating her. He immediately steps in and fights her father off. Danny and Mary eventually enter a relationship that lasts until Danny turns 18.

Despite influence from his father and with not many other options available to him, Danny joins the military. Mary lost Danny’s protection, is forced to move to escape her father’s influence. A friend, who loves and cares dearly for her, offers marriage in order for her to escape.  She knows despite the fact, she cares for him, but doesn’t love him, Mary realizes he does love her, and accepts his proposal.

In 1929, after he completed his time with the military, Danny left the Marines to pursue other business ventures. When those do not pan out, he decides to use his training and enter the private security field. During this time he tries to convince Mary to leave her husband and come back to him. Mary wants to but feels that she owes it to her husband to stay with him after all he’s done for her. Danny is heartbroken and makes the decision to move.

In 1935 Danny is hired by Edward Deline to work at his Private Investigation Firm. The two quickly form a strong friendship.

Danny has several relationships through the years but never settles down. After working with Ed for years, while leaving the office one night, someone shoots at Ed. Danny shoves him away and takes the shot himself. Ed, knowing his protégé has little time, asks for Danny’s permission to Turn him.


  1. najean1

    I always loved Danny and how smoothly he and Ed Deline worked together. I Ioved the show, but damned if I can remember the shows name! (stupid Swiss cheese brain!) **G**
    —Naj : D <3<3<3

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