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Sylum Inspiration: Christopher Johns

Sylum Inspiration: Christopher Johns

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Christopher was the middle son of merchant. He got lucky when he became the Steward of one of King Arthur’s Knights, Andre Marek.

When King Arthur sent his Knights on a quest to find the Holy Grail, he took care of Marek and made sure he had everything he needed.

It was while they were in France when everything went wrong. When Marek’s horse went lame, they sent the rest of the group ahead, assuring them they will catch up.

They came upon a small town with a manor up on the hill. Marek set out to see if they could find a place to stay, until they acquired another horse, except for the fact he couldn’t understand the lady of the house.

It was Christopher who was able to get them a place in the barn. Over time, he watched as Marek fell for the Lady of the House, then stayed to defend her and her lands. Christopher stayed by his side, and when his Knight was Turned, he requested the same.

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