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Sylum Inspiration: Carl Cox

Sylum Inspiration: Carl Cox

Sanguen Vitae: Member (India)

Carl was born in Ohio to a typical family. He was blessed to be able to attend school, and when the teacher realized how smart he was, encouraged the family to allow Carl to continue with his education and go to University.

It was his teacher’s influence that got him into MIT, receiving an Engineering degree. When the Second World War broke out, he found himself assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers. He was on a boat on his way to India to build bridges.

He fell in love with India the moment he set foot on her soil. He learned the language, the culture and religion. The years he was there he embraced it all. Carl was introduced to Masrani (Ashoka), an influential business man who wanted Carl to build more than bridges after the war.

When Carl came down with malaria, Masrani took matters into his own hands and Turned him.

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