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Sylum Inspiration: Caesars Palace

Sylum Inspiration: Caesars Palace

Caesars-Las-Vegas-Art-1Caesars Palace


Iconic Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.   In opened in 1966, and despite hardships today is still standing.

For Sylum – Caesars is owned by Nicolaus Meridius through so many shell accounts and variety of companies not many know it’s his.  Daniel Ocean is the Hotel Manager, Basher Tarr is his Head of Security, and now Rusty Ryan is Casino Manager.

Rumors have there’s mob money in the hotel, but it was built all on Nico’s money and banking investments.   It’s Roman themed for a reason, and the largest penthouse is the Meridii Villa.

Not that you can go to Caesars and ask for the Meridii Villa – they may look at you weirdly!!

Caesars isn’t the only one owned by Vampires.  The Bellagio is owned by Terrance Benedict.  The Monticeto (aka Mandalay Bay) is owned by Ed Deline and his Mate Daniel McCoy.  The Paris is owned by Issac Evans.

For More Information:

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Quick Comment: This Sylum Inspiration will be up for two weeks, as yours truly will be on Vacation next week!


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