Sylum Inspiration: Benson

Vampire Council: Caretaker


Benson was not his birth name, it’s close enough.  He was taken from his tribe, and given to a Roman Nobleman.  He learned quickly to forget his past life, and figure how to survive in this one.

He ended becoming friends with the family’s nurse, Minerva.  She enjoyed his quick wit and sarcastic commentary of Roman politics, and he enjoyed her ability not deal with other people’s drama.

He was sad to see her go, when her and her husband retired but was grateful they had such a good long friendship.

A few years later she showed back up with another man on her arm and quite the tale.

There was no way Benson was turning down her offer!

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  1. luminousblade says:

    So, quick question that has nothing to do with the post; I love getting all the emails from/about Sylum, but I’ve stopped getting all pics and artwork. All I get is a broken link, any ideas why? I’ve checked my email settings and tried looking for any explanation through WordPress but to no avail. I miss the pretties. *cries*

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Okay odd – as I do get them in my email.

      Hmmmm – do me a favor – clear out the cookies, then sign back into … see if that helps things.

      We’ve got our certificats for https – but sometimes the communication gets whacky as some aspects still have http.

      Or it’s just being weird 🙂

      • luminousblade says:

        No change so far but we’ll see with the next email I get. :/

        • Nicolaus Meridius says:

          🙁 *meh* I’m not sure what’s going on with it. If you go to the blog you can see the images? Just not in the email?

          • luminousblade says:

            Yup. It started during 7 days; it was fine before that.

          • Nicolaus Meridius says:

            Is your email box filled? Sometimes images won’t show up if there isn’t enough space.

            Other option: unsubscribe and resubscribe … could be something mixed up in the delivery.

          • luminousblade says:

            No, my box is good; I clear it out regularly and I have gone ahead and done the unsub resub so I’m crossing y fingers

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