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Sylum Inspiration: Arthur

Sylum Inspiration: Arthur

Sanguen: Hunter


Arthur is from California. He can’t surf, hates wine, loves bacon, and adores coffee. He was raised Jewish –the bacon-thing was problematic. Though, thankfully not looked unkindly upon in Reform Judaism. He slowly stopped attending synagogue during college; and even less throughout his time in the Army. Though, he has still managed to keep his faith.

Throughout middle and high school, Arthur took varying martial arts from Tai Chi to Aikido to Escrima.

He started college before his seventeenth birthday on scholarships earned both by his grades and through JROTC. In college he stays with ROTC and graduates with honors and two Masters degrees –one in Mathematics and the other in Research and Data Analytics.

He specialized in hand to hand combat, information gathering and mission planning (he’s very good at organizing chaos), and field operations. He has excellent legal and illegal computer skills; and while he’s pretty good with a rifle, he prefers his Glock 17. He’s sent through Special Forces training and then straight into an international team charged with among other things, fighting terrorism. Somewhere along the way he developed a taste for well tailored suits –if it fit well he could move  and fight better and if the tailor knew he was going to carry a gun it hid it better while giving easy access.

His identity was scrubbed when he became part of the international team. He liked the work, he was good at it. Too bad politics, blackmail, the death of two team members, and a loon left in charge caused it crumbled. The team was compromised and they were left to fend for themselves.

Arthur took the excellently forged documents from the only team member he truly trusted and disappeared.

He dies in Geneva at the age of 28.

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