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Sylum Inspiration: Angela Bennett

Sylum Inspiration: Angela Bennett

Mod Kin Clan: Member

Angela Bennett was a systems analyst from Venice, California who telecommuted to Cathedral software in San Francisco.  She had little friends outside her computer, and her mother had just passed away from Althezihmers.

One of Bennett’s co-workers sent her a floppy disk with a backdoor labeled “π” that permitted access to a commonly used computer security system called “Gatekeeper” sold by Gregg Microsystems, a software company led by CEO Jeff Gregg.

Just before she left for a much needed vacation she discovered her friend Dale, who was flying out to see her, had been killed in a plane crash.   Something hadn’t set well with her, so she took the program with her to Mexico.

While on vacation, where she met Jack Devlin.

(Dilios Note: This is the name she knows him as, there has been no way to verify if this was is real name. The only thing we do know is that he is a Rogue)

He seduced Bennett, trying to get the disc.  He hired a mugger to steal it, and then killed the kid in the processes.  His goal was to kill Angela, but instead something went very wrong, and she ended up Turned Without Consent.


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