Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.
Sylum Teaser: The Russian Spy

Sylum Teaser: The Russian Spy

Author’s Note: You must have read The Spy Among Us and Aiden Pearce to understand what is going on in this story.

2nd Author’s Note: Switches between Westen’s POV and 3rd Person POV

Sylum Timeline: October 2012 AD

When you’re a spy you have to accept the unexpected. Expect the unacceptable. And prepare for – what the fuck just happened.

I hung up the phone, staring at it intently for a few seconds.

There was no movement in the loft.

Not even Sam who was a bundle of energy on most days.

I blinked a few times, looked at my Mate, I needed his steadiness, his brashness, and mainly his support.

Sam’s lips twitched into a halfcocked smiled, then with a wink he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. “You did it Mikey.”

“Fuck.” Tom shook his head, settling into the duct taped chair. “Fuck.”

“That sums up this entire week.” Mac shook his head, glancing over at his Mate. “I can’t …”

“What the hell do we do now?” Danny stepped closer to his Mate, needing the connection.

I turned in my seat and looked at my team.

There was only one thing to do.

I had to see Nick.

“Mac, Danny grab Jessie and head to the apartment and start cataloging everything. Keep in mind what you just heard see if it helps. Let Jessie work blind, see what he puts together.” We needed to get on this now, before Giles figures out Ashton is actually dead.

They nodded, and after a moment of hesitation turned to leave. “Don’t answer your phone.” Frankie called after them. “My gut says this goes deeper than we think. As a matter of fact, just turn them off. We’ll figure out how to get a hold of you.”

Danny glanced at Mac. “We’re still on call so we have to keep the phones on, but we’ll make sure not to take calls from Clan.”

“That works.” Frankie stood, glancing back at me. “Michael.”

“Do not talk to any Clan Member unless it’s one of us in this room, or Isaac Evans.” Out of anyone in Miami, he was one of the few I trusted at the moment.

They nodded and headed for the door. Mac paused for a second and looked back, and gave me an encouraging smile. “Take the son of a bitch down.”

And with that the two left.

In my career I have taken down arms dealers. Destroyed drug cartels. Recently uncovered a war for profit scheme. Exposed enemy spies, stopped covert missions, and once infiltrated the Kremlin. But I have never been on a cusp of something so important that it will change everything. I could feel it. After this moment, my life was not going to be the same.

As if being Turned wasn’t enough.

Or being Mated to Sam.

This. This moment was going to not just change me and my family, but also my Clan.

I’m pretty sure the world.

“Sam get me a plane to New Orleans.”

“We’re going with you.” Thomas made sure I understood that. “We all heard that conversation.”

“Plus you’ll need guards.” Frankie added. “If that bastard gets a whiff you’re coming for the reason you’re coming.”

Sam snorted. “If that English prick thinks of touching my Mate, he’ll discover why I was called Mr. Stabby.” He gave them all a sly evil grin. “And there is always Kenway.”

“Do you two need to contact your Clan Leader?” I asked moving towards our storage area to grab a few extra necessities – specifically weapons.

“No.” I heard their phones being destroyed. They understood what I was getting at.

“I’m going down to the local bar, about five miles from us to call Sylum Manor, not anyone specific.” Sam tossed his phone onto the floor, stomping on it as he went. “Do you want me to check on Maddie and Miss Paula?”

“I’ll do that, while you leave a false trail.” I checked the chamber of the .9mm I grabbed, one that wasn’t traceable. There were advantages of having a gun runner for an ex-girlfriend. “Tom, Frost get us some burners, and meet us back here in two hours, by then we’ll know the next step.”

As we headed off in our own directions, I grabbed Sam and pulled him into a deep kiss. Words didn’t need to be said, he gave me a smile, then slapped my ass as he left, looking for a car to steal.

I slipped on my glasses.

I had a spy to take down.


Nico blinked a few times trying to figure out what time it was. The curtains were still pulled, so it couldn’t have been too late in the day. He tossed the blanket back, groaning as he sat up on the couch, stretching tired and sore muscles.

“Warrick?” He called out, frowning when he didn’t get an answer. He stood slowly, making his way around the couch to their bed, only to see it hadn’t even been used. Grumbling, he grabbed the tablet from the coffee table, cursing when he saw the time.

It was 11 am.

“Damn it!” He tossed the tablet onto the couch, and made for the bathroom. With a quick shower, he dressed into jeans, with a button down shirt. In a fit of longing, yet still completely pissed off, he grabbed Warrick’s hoody and put it on. With his feet in warm socks, he snagged his phone from the table and headed for his office, while dialing his Mate’s number.


Nico leaned against his desk. “Did you even come home last night?”

‘Well someone slept in. Must be nice.’

“That isn’t the issue right now.” He took a few calming breathes. God, he was so fucking tired of this bullshit. “The bed’s not slept in.”

Warrick sighed. ‘I saw you on the couch, and didn’t want to disturb you.’

“I was waiting for you.” He couldn’t believe he didn’t even hear him. The stress from the night before must have been worse than the thought. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

‘You were sleeping peacefully.’ Warrick argued back. ‘I had a huge amount of paperwork, so I grabbed some gear and headed back. Showered and napped in my office, until my lab work came back this morning.’

“And that was more suitable than I don’t know sleeping next to you Mate!” He growled. “Do you realize I haven’t even seen you at home for days? Last time I had a meal with you, was when I brought some, which you left me and it getting cold in your office.”

‘You’re going to play this card. You’re better than this.’

“What card am I exactly playing here, considering you’re the card man in this relationship.” He bit back a more snarky remark. This wasn’t getting them anywhere.

‘The wounded spouse one.’ He snapped back. ‘This isn’t like you Nico. You know how important this job is.’

“I do, which is why I’ve put up with this for as long as I have…”

‘Rich coming from you, considering you disappeared for six months last year.’ He cut him off, escalating the argument.

“And you spent two years in Vegas before I moved out there. I’m the last one who is going to bitch on spending time apart do to circumstances.” He knew the anger he was feeling was bleeding through his bonds, when he heard Tony and Speed’s voices out in the Great Room. “The problem isn’t you gone doing your job Warrick, the problem is you have no idea what the hells is going on…”

‘I know you have responsibilities or great Clan Leader.’

“Don’t you even!” He snarled into the phone. “Our jobs have always been important, but when you start missing major fucking clues about events going on inside our home, you’re failing somewhere.”

‘Someone has to work.’

“Not like we need the money, Warrick!” He took a few calming breathes, and pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming on. “I’m sorry. I know what this job means, not just to you but the community. But you have to admit Warrick, we’re not connecting here. Something has got to give.”

‘Well maybe if you and Kenway got off your asses and found a job, instead of…’

“Running around New Orleans in the middle of the night taking out bad guys!?” He snarked. “The fact you don’t even realize…”

‘You know I don’t have time for this, Nicky. Some of us have to work. We’ll talk about it when I get home.’ With that he hung up on him.

He tossed the phone on to his desk, and bit back the turmoil of emotions. He was pissed, hurt, frustrated. They’ve had their moments over the centuries, their Mating wasn’t the most romantic, but Nico knew they were better than this.

With a sigh, he zipped up the hoodie, calming himself down with his Mate’s scent. And with a determination for a Roman, he opened up his office door to see his kids and their Mates.

Before he could open his mouth, Tony and Speed were in his arms.

Nico held them close, no matter what the three of them were always stronger together. He had hated the times they were apart, and those years before Richelieu’s attack was some of the hardest, not because of their separation, but because of the reason.

He had missed them dearly after he lost Warren, when he spent those four decades in Masyaf training to be an Assassin. He had needed the discipline, along with Ezio and Altaïr. But they understood, and embraced him when he had returned to them.

But those five years at the beginning of the 21st Century was hard on all of them.

“I can bite him.” Timothy muttered into his papa’s neck, making him laugh. He stepped back giving his Sire a look. “So what are you going to do to fix this?”

“Don’t think we haven’t noticed the tension between you two.” Tony added, running a hand through his father’s hair soothing him. “It’s gotten worse this year, I mean … it started a couple of years ago, but it calmed down. And now it’s seems …” He just couldn’t put a finger on it. If they weren’t Mates, he would think they would split up. Both of them were stubborn and for the first time in a long time the General and the Pirate were slamming head first into each other.

“Well first off. Unless Warrick has court in the next few weeks, he’s taking them off.” Nico pointedly looked at Horatio, who gave him a nod as he pulled out his phone and typed a few things. “By the way, what are you doing here?”

“Got a late start. Instincts said stay home.” Horatio answered honestly. “When Jethro saw me having coffee…”

“I joined him. Had the same feeling.” The Marine added to the conversation. “I called Tony and I out, let the team run the paperwork.”

“You okay?” Timothy asked softly.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry we’re not getting a divorce.” He sniffed and put his hand up to his forehead dramatically, getting both kids to chuckle. “Just need to wrangle a stubborn pirate.”

“Who’s a stubborn pirate?”

“Speaking of.” Nico turned to see his brother coming out of his room, looking refreshed. “You’re up late.”

“I’ve been up since dawn, Nicolaus.” He gave him a knowing look. “You’re the lazy one, brother.”

“Master Nico.” Thomas stood in the doorway looking impeccable in his uniform, despite the slight frown on his face. “There’s a phone call for you.”

“Patch it through to my cell.” He suggested, moving away from his two boys to go back into his office. “Who is it?” He called out, only to pause at Thomas expression.

The Caretaker glanced around the room, then back at Nico. The General nodded, ready to tell everyone to get out, only to realize they had got the message.

“You haven’t eaten, come down for some lunch after your call.” Tony leaned over and kissed his papa on top of his head, then gave his hand a squeeze.

“Don’t think we won’t send Abby up here to drag you down.” Speed gave him a smirk, as he followed his sister out of the room.

Jethro stood at the door waiting for Horatio.

“I put in Warrick’s time off request, he has plenty stored up. So as of tomorrow, he’s got four weeks off.” He winked at him on the way out. “Be prepared, he’s going to be livid, when I send in Captain Dent to inform him.”

“Thanks.” He glanced at Kenway who was not moving, then back at Thomas. “Who’s on the phone?”

“Mister Westen. He will only speak to you, and only on the land line.”

There was no doubt in their mind, this was serious. “Can you patch it through?”

“It’s on the mainline in the Butler’s pantry.” He gestured towards the door. “The only line I might add not attached to any other phone in the manor.”

“Oh he’s good.” Kenway followed them out of the room, and downstairs. “But then I’m not surprised since he’s Mister Axe’s Mate.”

Nico chuckled slightly when the kids and Mates blinked when he walked into the kitchen then turned towards the Butler’s Pantry. Kenway blocked the entryway, while Thomas turned on the radio in the kitchen, and started chatting with everyone to make sure no one could overhear the conversation.


‘General.’ Westen’s voice was deadly serious.

“I’m going to guess this has to do with the lead you recently followed.” Nico stated, remembering back to the phone call that was barely a week ago. Michael had just sent Longworth and Dwight home, Paula staying with her new Mate, when he had requested permission to bring his team on his hunt for the Illuminati.

‘I have a positive confirmation.’ Westen answered, his words meaning nothing yet telling his Clan Leader everything.

“How positive?” He felt a rush of adrenaline run through him.

‘I’m boarding your plane in ten minutes. I’ll be at the Manor with the evidence by end of day.’ He could now hear the sounds of an airport through the phone. ‘This phone will be destroyed once I get off.’

“How big is this?”

There was a hesitation. ‘Thomas is the only one who knows I called. Don’t tell anyone I’m coming. Don’t trust anyone. I mean it, General, no one. I’m sure you have Kenway next to you, keep him there. Plane’s leaving. I’ll see you soon.’

And with that he hung up.

Nick gently set the handle on the cradle, and stood there.

Someone he knew.

Someone he trusted.

Someone in this very house.

He felt the tears prickling at his eyes.

“Nico?” Kenway’s voice was soft, the voice of his brother. “What did he want?”

“He’s on his way.” He made sure to drop his voice and spoke in language of the Crmry. There were only a handful of those he knew who spoke that particular dialect, and he had learned it from his eldest daughter. He was rusty with it, but since Kenway had arrived he had a reason to speak it more.

“What troubles does he bring?”

Nico looked up at his brother, who filled the small space. “He brings the name of Judas.”


As a spy you get used to many styles of accommodations, depending on the mission. From luxury resorts to urine smelly back allies. Though no matter the mission, I always flew economy, the CIA never footed the bill for first class. So it was a treat to be on a private jet, to bad I was to wound up to enjoy it.

The bedroom in the back looked comfortable, and I know Sam was contemplating ways to get me to settle down. But there was no way I was letting him fuck me on the bed my Clan Leaders ‘slept’. Plus I just didn’t want to deal with Tom or Frankie’s smirk.

The flight from Miami to New Orleans seemed longer than normal.

As a spy you’re not supposed to be nervous, you’re supposed to be calm and suave. Not wanting to puke your guts out in the plane lavatory.

“Mikey.” Sam pushed me down onto the couch, and practically sat on me. “Lean against me, and try to relax.”

“I can’t.” I ran my hands over my face and through my hair. “I’m not sure why this of all things is making me jittery.”

“You’re an outsider telling probably the most famous Vampire, or at least most loved one, that someone who literally works a few doors down from him, is selling his ass to Galileo.” Frankie poured a drink and handed to me. “Nico trusted you to find this guy, you did. He will not take it out on you.”

“You have concrete evidence.” Tom added. “This isn’t the CIA, and he’s not going to take you out back and kill you, to cover this shit up.”

“He’s going to kill Giles and piss on his ashes.” Sam smirked wickedly. “Nico is a vicious bastard when he needs to be. I saw him when he sailed with Warrick. He had his own reputation, and was even known was the Pirate General. The one who gave no quarter.”

“And if there is one thing the Meridii don’t like is betrayal.” Frankie added. “Believe me, I’ve seen Cort and Richie deal with those who betray them. Cort maybe a Priest, but he’s also a Jesuit, our very own ‘Warrior Priests’.”

“What about others in the Clan?” He asked. “I’ve only met a few, so I don’t know how the rest of the Clan is going to handle this.”

“Most of them will likely want a go at him, before he’s dusted.” Sam shrugged. “If there is only thing to worry about is how Nick is going to handle Arthur. Giles is also attached to Camelot Clan.”

“Which explains how he knows someone in Camelot to contact about finding information about Fi.” I glanced at Sam. “Is there someone we should contact?”

“We’ll let Nick deal with that aspect.” Sam pulled me closer to him, I finally relaxed enough to lean against him, trying to let go of the anxiety coursing through my body. “Besides she’s protected by the MacManuses. No one. I mean No One is getting through them.”

“By the way who’s John?” Frankie asked obviously trying to change the subject. “Before we took out Ashton he mentioned him.”

“My protégée.” I hadn’t thought about him since I got burned. “He was a fellow Ranger, damn good at being a soldier, loved his country. The perfect recruit not only for the CIA, but also Management.”

“Where is he?” Tom gave me a look. “And do we need to go find him?”

“One thing at time.” I settled fully against Sam, there were still three hours left on the flight.


Nico took his seat at the table, and had a nice lunch with this family. Everyone knew something was going on, but engaged in a light banter to keep their Papa distracted and the atmosphere calm. Thomas kept a small commentary going on about decorations for Halloween and the festival that was going on in Vacherie.

After spending an hour with this family, Nico stood to leave. With a small hesitation he turned back to the table, and gave them all a look. “Stay close.”

They didn’t need to know what was going on to prep.

Horatio gave Jethro a side look, and the two wandered off to the Security Room.

Tony snagged his brother and they went for a walk.

While Thomas kept an eye on the house and staff.

Nico and Kenway made their way out of the Manor, via the wet room. Neither said much, as they walked through the orchard heading towards the Stables. Kenway went to check on Ironhide, having gotten attached to the tank of a horse, while his brother jogged up the stairs to Van Helsing and John’s room.

Seeing Nico at his door, was a rare enough situation, that Gabriel was instantly on edge. “What?”

“I need you to go to Louis Armstrong and pick up passengers coming in on my private jet.” He glanced around, smiling softly at the network that was set up along the ceiling and walls for Draco the Ferret. The little thing was scouring through a series of tubes and shelves by one of the windows.

John reached up, letting Draco climb onto his shoulder, taking a treat out of his fingers.

“Who are they?”

“You’ll know them when you get there.” Nico focused back on his Lead Hunter. “This is priority and extremely sensitive.”

“What’s going on?” Gabriel could tell something was up, and didn’t like how evasive his Clan Leader was being.

“Gaius I need you to trust me on this.”

His head tilted, while one eyebrow rose in shock. There were a few moments of silence, before Van Helsing nodded. “We’ll leave now.”

“They should arrive in a few hours, bring them directly back to the Manor and to my office upstairs.” Nico paused for a moment, and then looked directly at one of his oldest friends. “Try to avoid being seen.”

“Is there anyone specifically I’m trying to avoid?” A sense of dread and anticipation filled him.

“Everyone. Go out via the garages, and I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Yes, General.”

Nico left the two Hunters, as they prepared to leave. He snorted softly at the amount of weapons they were packing. He made his way back downstairs, only to be blocked by his personal bodyguard. “Don’t.”

Hickok’s eyes narrowed, but took a step back. “Shall I stay close?”

“Always.” He gave the gunfighter a smirk, then grabbed his brother heading out the furthest door, and taking a walk down the road that led to the garages.

Neither said a word.


As a spy you were always on your own. You trusted no one but yourself. Since being Turned I’ve learned to trust others. Hence the moment I stepped out of the plane and saw a black SUV with two Hunters waiting for me. I knew I was safe.

“Welcome to New Orleans.” Van Helsing tipped his hat, motioning towards the car. “Your chariot awaits, Nico is expecting you.”

“Did he tell you who was coming?” I asked making my way towards the waiting vehicle.

“No, just that someone needed a ride.” He glanced at the rest of the guests. “Frankie, I haven’t seen you in these parts for a while.”

“It’s been too long, actually.” He sauntered down the stairs, giving the Hunter a nod. “Heard through the Vampire grapevine that you found your Mate.”

“Meet John Winchester.” He motioned towards the other Hunter. “We should introduce him to Abraham.”

“Why?” Frankie gave John a once over.

“He used to Hunt us Vampires, when he was just a human.”

I glanced at Sam, who seemed impressed at the piece of information. “Is this normal? And who is Abraham?”

“No.” My Mate answered, giving me a smile as we got into the back seats of the SUV. “There was only one human Vampire Hunter that was Turned before this. Now it would seem there’s two.”

“Actually, my boys were Turned before me.” John answered with a look of pride on his face. “So there are four of us now.”

“Who is this Abraham?” I glanced at Frankie and Tom, who were giving each other side eyes.

“Lincoln.” Tom shrugged. “As in Abraham Lincoln. 16th President of the United States.”

As a spy you learn how to school your face expressions. No knowledge is to be shocking. But even as a Vampire now for two years, having met a Roman General, a few pirates, and a couple of cowboys there are moments that even the best trained spy can’t keep a straight face.

“Seriously?” I looked at Sam, my eyes wide and I’m pretty sure my expression showed my shock. “How many Presidents are Vampires?”

“Well…” He glanced at Van Helsing, who had got us on the main road heading for the Manor. “We mentioned Lincoln, and there’s also US Grant. I did mention him before, Mated to Sherman.”

I nodded remembering that conversation, but I had been stuck on Civil War General US Grant and it slipped my mind, that he was also US President Grant.

“Thomas Jefferson.” Tom added. “He’s a glorious cranky old bastard.”

“Teddy Roosevelt.” Frankie contributed to the conversation.

“And no one told me?” I stared at the three of them.

“You should stop by Oceania, Mikey. We have the officials Dead President’s Wing.” Frankie gave me a wink. “It’s where Nico stashes them.”

I spent most of the journey, contemplating the fact there was a Dead President’s Wing, and if the possibility of Bartlett would be joining said dead presidents. In time I tuned out the chattering between Frankie and Tom, who were trying to wheedle information out of John, and focused on the surrounding area.

I had only been to the Manor once before, and was amazed at the beauty of the area. The Manor itself was astonishing, and I wanted to come back just to be Mikey, instead of Michael Westen. It would seem fate had another idea, and I was returning to uproot my entire Clan into chaos.


I slowly blinked and looked over at Sam. It was then I noticed we had arrived, but instead of being at the front doors, we were parked outside one of the garages.

I couldn’t help the smile.

Nico was being extra cautious, bring us in the backdoor.

I knew there was a reason I liked the guy.


Nico was exasperated, furious, and ready to kill something. Speed watched his Papa as he tossed the phone down for a fifth time, after trying to reach Warrick. He glanced over at his Mate, who was standing near the balcony doors, texting on his phone. Captain Julia Dent informed him that Warrick got the message, and had kicked her out of his office.

When Nick had tried to call his Mate, to tell him to get home, he was ignored.

He knew Warrick was pissed, but at the moment there were more important things going on, than the pirate’s ego. After the fourth call, he ordered Tony to get his mother on the phone, but even he was being ignored.

They all knew something was going on, and right now they needed the Co-Leader home to help deal with it.

“Someone call Shep and tell him to drag Warrick out of his office and back to the Manor. I don’t care if it takes him, along with Dwight and Longworth to do it.” He snarled leaning back in his chair.

“He’s ignoring my calls also.” Horatio hit end on his phone, and gave Nico a small shrug. “I’ll call Shep, and let you know what’s going on.” With that he left the office, phone up to his ear.

‘What the hell is going on?’ They all could hear Shep through the phone. ‘Warrick is cursing in pirate speak, I haven’t seen that in decades.’

Horatio shook his head, smiling at Jethro who was holding the door open. “The parents are fighting …” And with that the two left the kids alone with the father.

“You want to tell us what’s going on?” Tony sat back in the chair in front of his Papa’s desk. “Besides the two of you acting like twelve year olds.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Westen called.”

Speed glanced at Tony, and then the two looked at their papa. “I know you charged him with finding out who was betraying us, outside the asshole and the bitch.”

No one dared to speak their names.

“He’s got concrete evidence and will be here soon.”

“Fuck.” Speed stood from his chair, pacing the room slightly. “Did he say who?”

“No, actually told me not to say anything to anyone. But you are my family.” He gave them a look, and right now he needed them.

Tony closed his eyes and crossed himself, he calmed his anger by saying a few prayers, then opened his eyes and looked directly at his Papa. “They will die at our hands. I’m done with this.”

“Oh don’t worry, this isn’t going to Imemand, I’m not making this into a showcase for our enemies.” He wasn’t stupid enough to let them know how much they were getting to him.

“Did he say how this person was betraying us?” Timothy settled back in his chair, hand gripping the amulet he wore under his shirt that kept the wolf at bay.

“It was in reference to the Illuminati.”

“Fucking Galileo, and at one point I liked that guy.” He put his hands purposely into his lap to resists ripping off the amulet and go hunting. There were moments in history, he agreed with the scientist and understood to a point his beef with the church. But Speed had been there That Night. Seen the murders, devastation, and the miracles.

“Now what?” Tony asked, half tempted to go get his Templar Sword.

“We wait.”


As a spy one could admire a well-oiled machine. The moment I was out of the car, I was flanked by Van Helsing and Winchester. Tom and Frankie took the rear, with Sam right by my side.

Before we even hit the door, Thomas had it opened. He escorted us through the kitchen, which was uncharacteristically empty, down the hallway and up the Grand Staircase. Even in the hurry we were in, I couldn’t help but admire the grandness of the Manor.

We entered Nico’s rooms, around the small table that had a lovely harvest bouquet on it. I paused for a moment, and took a second look – yes there was a potato and carrot in the middle. One day I would need to ask, what that was about.

The pocket doors were opened, and I saw Jethro and Horatio standing near the closed office doors. The redhead lowered his phone, and then pocketed it. The moment both men saw who Nico’s guest was, they realized the significance of the moment.

Thomas opened the door.

“Master Nicolaus, Mister Westen here to see you.”

I took a deep breath and entered. I had been in her before, and admired the homey yet Principle’s Office feel to it. The birds were making a ruckus outside, sounding upset and agitated, I wonder if they felt the tension.

Nico stood up behind his desk, and his two kids moved out of the chairs, and took flank by their father. Tony on the right, Speed on the left. I looked around, frowning slightly at not seeing Warrick.

Sam settled near the balcony door, while Tom and Frankie stayed towards the back. Horatio and Jethro moved in, taking spots by the fireplace and the last member who snuck into the room, before Thomas closed the door was Kenway. He stayed by the door guarding and watching.

I gave him a smile.

“Welcome back to Sylum, Michael.” Nico sat down, letting me follow suit. “I just wish it was under better circumstances.”

“You gave me a job to do, and well sometimes it sucks when I actually do it.” I pulled out of my pocket the recorder, along with the phone. “Quick recap, to catch everyone up. Six years ago I was Burned by the CIA, by a group called Management. They were looking to have a group of spies for their personal agendas. In the middle of it, I was Turned and thanks to you and your Hunters was able to finally get out from under Management, and get my CIA status turned from Burned to Retired.”

“Who was Management?” Horatio asked it was obvious he was concerned he hadn’t heard anything about this.

“A group of wealthy individuals who were making money off war.” I answered. “Mac and Danny can fill you in on some of this.” He nodded, then motioned for me to continue.

“After we got his Burn notice fixed.” Nico added into the conversation.

“Thank you for that.” I smiled at him.

“I gave him the job to find who was betraying us.” He glanced around the room, watching everyone’s expressions. “He was an outsider and really good at his job.”

“Hence he took care of Longworth, when he was in Miami a couple weeks ago.” The Head of Security nodded, following where this was going.
He was good, I could see why Mac talked highly of him. I glanced over to Jethro, was taking it all in casually. I knew the type, my eyes shifted to Sam.

“I was hoping with Longworth we might find if anyone was supplying Frankenstein with information, instead we got Larry and Nicole, but they aren’t important to this situation.” I shifted my attention back to Nick. “After we sent them home, I got a text message about my Burn Notice. I ended up meeting Ashton, who come to find out, was behind Management. He was a little pissed about his organization being dismantled and wanted me to rebuild a new one. But he didn’t know about Vampires, and just as I was going to tell him to fuck off. I saw the Illuminati Diamond on this phone.”

“And saw the opportunity it presented.” Tony whistled softly. “If he didn’t know about Vampires, how did it lead here?”

“By accident.” I went on to explain about Frankie and Tom, showing up to help with the investigation, and getting Fi and her family out of Miami to Ireland. “Before I play this recording there is something you need to know. I’m good at my job. One of the reasons I’m really good at my job, is because of my ability with accents.”

Nico frowned slightly, glancing over at Sam who just shook his head. “It’s unnatural.”

I glared at my Mate, then turned towards Kenway. “Captain, do you mind saying a few words.”

His eyebrow rose.

“Why?” Nico asked for his brother.

“His accent is likely the most unique in this room. It will help you understand.” I looked back at Kenway, who shrugged.

“This seems pointless, but will play along with your games Mister Westen. But do remember I am not likely to have the patience of my brother.”

I glanced at Sam, then turned and looked at Nico.

“This seems pointless, but will play along with your games Mister Westen. But do remember I am not likely to have the patience of my brother.”

It was a perfect match.

“Fuck.” Speed about said what I’m sure everyone was thinking.

“That’s a very interesting talent, Mister Westen.” Nico nodded his head, then motioned for me to continue.

“After killing Ashton we had one thread to pull, whoever was on the phone.” I pushed the recorder over. “I had thought it was going to be someone in the CIA, to be honest. I had no idea it would lead here. I’m mimicking Ashton’s voice, to get the information, hence the demonstration.”

Nico nodded.

I hesitated for a moment.

I knew what this would bring, and as much as my job is about bring the dark into the light. I took deep breath and hit enter.

“Hey Ashton.”

It was Speed who paled first.

‘Got disconnected.’

I could see that Nico startled at my impersonation.

“We figured as much. Hold on then. Let me get Giles for you.”

The room was perfectly still, waiting with bated breath.

“Ashton. I already told you, I would contact someone about this Fi.”

Nico’s eyes closed, I could almost feel his pain.

There was a loud crash, followed by a yell, startling everyone.

The last thing I saw was Kenway pulling up his hood and stalking out of the room.

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