Sylum Christmas Card Exchange: 2019

Would you believe it’s that time of year again!

I am sending this out a bit earlier, as to give time for people to sign up.

The list will be sent out end of November.

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11 Responses to Sylum Christmas Card Exchange: 2019

  1. Amy Hall says:

    I was wondering if my info was sent in. I had an error message so i’m not sure it it went through or not.

  2. Sinéad Leahy says:

    I got a timeout message when I entered my information, was it received?

  3. Margarita Robles Sevier says:

    it said message sent, did you get it?

  4. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    I’ve been sending a little charmes wiyh my cards since I started with the cards exchange. Not sure I will be able to do it this year as I’ve been diagnosed wiht rizarthoris in my left hand and it makes it difficult and painfull to move it, specially in cold wheater.

    • Julz says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the arthritis! I have rheumatoid so I can understand where you’re coming from. One thing that I found helps is a I have a pair of little socks (found a pair of toddler socks on sale in a discount store for under a dollar) that I filled with rice and sewed up. Pop ’em in the microwave for a minute or two and lay them over my wrists or over my palms, or the back of my hands to help my fingers. They like to lock up on me and when they’ve been doing that for too long they randomly start releasing so the warmth resets them and reduces swelling as I work on a computer all day. I hope your hands don’t cause you too much trouble and I still look forward to our card exchange!

      • Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

        In my case, cold work better.
        I’m feeling better thanks to a new treatment. Hope it keeps working.

  5. Amanda Robinson says:

    I think I already submitted my information forbids year, but I can’t remember.

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