Sylum Christmas Card Exchange 2018: Sign Ups

Yes!  It’s that time of year again!

Sylum’s Annual Christmas Card Exchange.

If you want to exchange Christmas Cards fill out the form below the Read More line.

If you would love to get some Holiday Cheer, but can’t send out cards – fill out the form below and let me know.  We’ll add you to the list 🙂

This year we’ll be sending out handcrafted cards from Sylum Vault.

Last Day to Sign up: November 28th

Card List will go out on: December 2nd

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8 Responses to Sylum Christmas Card Exchange 2018: Sign Ups

  1. luminousblade says:

    I love doing this each year! I have tried mailing you a card the last 2-3 years, however, and I keep getting them sent back. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I’d really like you to get a card this year. Is there any way I can get your address outside of the spreadsheet so I can see exactly how I should be g it?

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Come to find out that the post office was sending the letters back due to the fact the pseudonym wasn’t written on the paperwork (despite the fact they would deliver half of them, but then ship the other half back)

      I’m updating the paperwork so it should work this time. (Nice of them to tell me two years after the fact)

      • luminousblade says:

        Yeah, that’s not cool. Hopefully you’ll get a ton of cards then! I was always bummed when I got mine back since I couldn’t figure out what I was screwing up

      • luminousblade says:

        Also, I’m sorry! I submitted the form twice; I realized after the fact they only part of my address made it on the first form. -.-;

      • callisto24 says:

        Same happened to me. Good to know that it hadn’t been my fault. I’m sorry for it anyway, (And I hope my Sign-Up worked.) 🙂

  2. Brenda Mitchell says:

    I would love to get holiday cards but our post company here in Canada is striking so is there no way to get or send out cards, so if it is possible to get e-cards and I can send out e-cards my email address is

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      I can add a tab for e-cards – go ahead and fill out the form stating what you did here with your email so when I send the sheet to everyone they’ll know.


    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Brenda – do you still want to be put down for e-cards or sign up for full cards as the strike as cleared up?

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