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Sylum Blog: Update

Sylum Blog: Update

If you’ve been to the blog website you might have noticed a few changes.

Yes!  We finally updated the main theme of the blog.  Hopefully this will fix some of the underlying annoying issues that we had with the old one … for one seeing people’s comments!

Thank you taibhrigh for the new banners and helping me with getting this set up.  Or I should say listening to the ranting and raving about the whole thing.

For the next few days/weeks we’ll likely be making tweaks and adjustments, so if you notice anything not working or missing, let us know in the comments.


  1. najean1

    I love the new layout and being able to see comments again. Kudos to the General and Taiibhrigh for the new setup! I was feeling a bit alone in the ‘Verse not being able to see what other people were saying. Nice to be connected again!
    Happy June everyone! Wait– June? I have to get those herbs planted….
    —-Naj ❤❤

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Once I figured out how to get the banners to fully work and not have the top menu over run the top of the page – it started to truly come together.

      I went Mardi Gras themed color 😀

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