Sylum Aesthetic: Andrew Kiernan & Ernesto Olivetti

Sylum Aesthetic: Kiernan & Olivetti


With all due decorum, they made as dignified an exit as possible, neither Vampire saying a word until they were safely in the Inspector’s own rooms. The moment the door closed behind them however, they simply stared at each other, needing to speak but not finding the right way to begin.

Kiernan reached up and cupped his friend’s cheek. “I…”

But suddenly everything was perfectly clear. It had been from the moment Ernesto saw a gun to Kiernan’s head. “Tell me I’m wrong…” he whispered.

“You’re not.” Reaching up still further to lace his fingers through that cold, wet hair he pulled Ernesto’s head down, kissing him hard, putting all the pent up emotions of those last few months into that one singular moment.

Pushing Andrew back against the wall, devouring his mouth, Ernesto growled into the kiss. “You’re my Mate.”

It was not a question.

“Yes,” Kiernan whispered against his lips, pulling him closer. He wanted nothing but to lay him out on the bed and Claim what had always been his, yet as his hands reached under the Inspector’s wet t-shirt he felt freezing, clammy skin and knew his timing was awful. It wasn’t the right moment. Not yet.

Pulling back, panting slightly, just content for a few minutes to hold Ernesto close to him, he finally murmured. “You need to shower and Feed.”

“I know,” he agreed, his forehead resting on Andrew’s. But he didn’t want to move when that calm and contentment he had been searching for through all those past months, was finally there in his arms. How he could possibly have failed to recognise that Kiernan was his Mate, he didn’t know. Why Kiernan had never told him, he also didn’t know.


Andrew laid a finger to his Mate’s lips. “Not now.”


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