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Sylum Advent Fics – Archived

Sylum Advent Fics – Archived

Here is a list of Sylum Advent Stories that have been Archived to the Sylum Archive on the main website.

To find out which stories have been Archived look for Tag ‘Archived’.  The link on that post would have been changed from ‘Sylum Advent’ to ‘Sylum Archive’.

Remember to drop a note/comment to the Author’s either on the original post or the archive.  These guys put a lot a work and time into these stories.

List of Stories:

A Day at the Races by John Sheppard

An Unexpected Gift by John Sheppard

Learning the Truth by John Sheppard

One Step Closer by John Sheppard


It’s All in How You Count by Taibhrigh

Draw by Numbers by Taibhrigh

A Sad Day For Counting by Taibhrigh

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