Sylum Advent – December 30th: Carry On My Wayward Son by BJ Jones

December 30th



Title: Carry On My Wayward Son

Author: Bj Jones

Summary: The Winchester brothers were still getting used to the Vampire thing when their past came back to haunt them.


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10 Responses to Sylum Advent – December 30th: Carry On My Wayward Son by BJ Jones

  1. jjshep8 says:

    *squees* I have been anticipating this story since you first mentioned that you were bringing in the SPN fandom 😀 it definitely lived up to expectations 🙂

    Though really, a freaking cliffhanger?! 😛 of course I should’ve known you would have done that you evil woman!

    Now I will just have to wait patiently for the next part 😀

  2. Oh this is sooo good. I love how the Supernatural fandom is being incorporated into Sylum.

    However, you are being realllly evil with the cliffhanger. *sighs* Now just one more in a long string of things to look forward to.

    Sylum wikistalker

  3. Susan C says:

    But rest assured Part 2 is likely coming out for Seven Days of Summer – likely? Very evil.

  4. isisathena says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this one since the first and it lived up to expectations, until the end. I nearly cried you evil woman you. I anxiously await part 2.

  5. tuckercat2 says:

    I must agree with all comments! I looked forward to it, was rewarded with it being better that I could imagine and then cliffhanger!!!! Evil, yep, sorry but I have to agree it was evil and the likely? And when is the 7 Days of Summer? January 1? Summer comes early here in the south!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful arc.

  6. Connie Linck says:

    Wow, this was fantastic. Excellent reading. I’ve finally got my computer to work and the first thing I did was read and check out the Advent stories, picspams and well I tried to get the videos. No go so far and I’m trying everything! Windows Media, Quicktime and Internet Explorer so far. Going to try some more!

    Anyway I loved this story! I love Supernatural, Sylum and the who CLAN! lol

    Jack Bauer has been a bit absent lately so I’m trying to catch up.

    Did I say I loved this? Yes I did and I’m somewhat patiently waiting for part 2

    Take care all

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