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Sylum Advent – December 30th: Carry On My Wayward Son by BJ Jones


  1. jjshep8

    *squees* I have been anticipating this story since you first mentioned that you were bringing in the SPN fandom 😀 it definitely lived up to expectations 🙂

    Though really, a freaking cliffhanger?! 😛 of course I should’ve known you would have done that you evil woman!

    Now I will just have to wait patiently for the next part 😀

  2. Oh this is sooo good. I love how the Supernatural fandom is being incorporated into Sylum.

    However, you are being realllly evil with the cliffhanger. *sighs* Now just one more in a long string of things to look forward to.

    Sylum wikistalker

  3. I must agree with all comments! I looked forward to it, was rewarded with it being better that I could imagine and then cliffhanger!!!! Evil, yep, sorry but I have to agree it was evil and the likely? And when is the 7 Days of Summer? January 1? Summer comes early here in the south!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful arc.

  4. Connie Linck

    Wow, this was fantastic. Excellent reading. I’ve finally got my computer to work and the first thing I did was read and check out the Advent stories, picspams and well I tried to get the videos. No go so far and I’m trying everything! Windows Media, Quicktime and Internet Explorer so far. Going to try some more!

    Anyway I loved this story! I love Supernatural, Sylum and the who CLAN! lol

    Jack Bauer has been a bit absent lately so I’m trying to catch up.

    Did I say I loved this? Yes I did and I’m somewhat patiently waiting for part 2

    Take care all

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