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Sylum Advent – December 28th: Fic by Bj Jones & Art by Taibhrigh

Sylum Advent – December 28th: Fic by Bj Jones & Art by Taibhrigh



Title: 10th Anniversay – Sylum Clan

Artist: Taibhrigh


Title: CSI: Anthology – Interlude: Halloween Ball

Author: Bj Jones

Summary: This is a series of stories of how Nick & Warrick deal with being CSIs working in Vegas.

Author’s Note: This series of stories takes place through CSI seasons 1 – 4.  Some episodes have been changed to fit Sylum perimeters.  Also there are Sylum storyline changes that will be showcased in the 10th Anniversary of Clan War.

2nd Author’s Note: The episode title will be used as reference.  I would suggest a re-watch of Old School CSI, to get the references, as the episode is not re-written it’s only there as a base of what’s going in and around that moment.

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  1. Kathie

    Really enjoyed this one! Lots of people in it. Enjoyed Alexander and Marcus and their conversation with Nico. Not sure why Nico was angry with Rusty, tho it could just be a bad night. Sounds like Danny is the troublemaker with him as Benedict was with Danny. Love how you have set up a lot that will be in the main arcs. Is there a photo of Nico as Tribune? 🙂 Thank you for this. Tho it is making it even harder to wait for the rest of the Clan Wars reissue. Thanks again.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Nico wasn’t necessarily upset with Rusty more the situation and had reached his end of the rope to give a care…

      I would love to get a pic of Nico as a Tribune… call out to the expert photoshoppers out there *hint hint hint*

  2. Antoinette

    This was marvelous. I enjoy the back story about Bugsy and how it played out in the present day. I liked Alexander and Marcus visiting Vegas and their interaction with Nico. Great big as Gil recalls his talk with Nick about his fraternity and the click about the name.

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