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Sylum Advent 2021: Check In


  1. najean1

    I have three paragraphs down that I really like with more on the way. I forgot how hard this can be. But it’s great exercise for my old brain. **G**
    Right now Pinkie is giving me puppy eyes from her puppy playpen: she had her :surgery” yesterday and is NOT happy with me because she can’t get out and play. Ah, well…
    —-Naj ♥️♥️

  2. starkindler76


    Nothing so far, but my brain hasn’t been in a great place. But I’m starting to get moving again somewhat, so I’m going to start poking at all my projects (art and writing) with a stick and see what comes out of hibernation. I really need to make me a task list to keep on point.

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