Sylum Advent 2017: December 19th


Title: A Scribe’s Tale – Queen Moussette
Author: Paula Cas
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Queen Moussette; Dilios/Robert Muldoon; Nicolaus Meridius/Warrick Calhoun; Shepsit Hemet Amun-Ra/Nefertiri; Clarissa Barton; Original Characters; Members of Sylum Clan, Tallikut and Vampire Council
Summary: With so many new Vampires in the Clans, it’s almost impossible for a simple scribe to keep up with all their stories. On a trip to New Orleans, Dilios looks forward to spending time with his Mate in beautiful New Orleans, but what else might a member of the Vampire Council learn in the city of magic and mystery.
Author’s Note: A huge THANK YOU to BJ Jones for allowing me to play in her ‘verse over at Sylum Clan. Love this ‘verse she created when a beloved character was ‘killed’. The Sylum ‘verse at: Sylum Clan Wiki. You can find all the fantastic stories at: Sylum Clan Manor Archive. THANK YOU to Taibhrigh for the terrific banner art for my Sylum stories.
Artist: Taibhrigh

Fic Archived

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8 Responses to Sylum Advent 2017: December 19th

  1. Antoinette E Brenion says:

    Thanks for a glimpse of Sylum from a different viewpoint and the history of New Orleans as well.

  2. Tuckercat2 says:

    This was very good! I love seeing the scene from other points of view. Very much appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Paula! Excellent! I enjoyed this look into the different aspects of the Clans and the vampires and mutants! I love Queen! Looking forward to more!
    Thank you!

  4. Dian1988 says:

    I love Queen´s story, such a great and strong woman. Dilios really lives up to his reputation. Thank you I really enjoyed this look into the lives and history of not so well known Sylum members.

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