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Sylum Advent 2016: December 7th

Sylum Advent 2016: December 7th



Title: Jack Harkness

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRT

Author’s Note: For this Advent I decided to do a series of Character Stories.  Basically I picked a Character from each Clan and did a small story of their life.  This was done to showcase other Characters outside the Main Arcs.  The stories aren’t long, 3-5pgs, and a glimpse into their lives.  Some of these stories will be added into larger fics later on, others will stand on their own.   All these characters can be found in the Sylum Wiki.

Sylum Timeline: After 2013

Artist: Taibhrigh

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  1. Antoinette

    Thanks for another character story and information about Sanctuary clan. This is priceless: Decades later they settled in Sanctuary, helping build a Clan for the fringed, off the wall, and the no one quite knew what to do with. Obviously there needs to be a place for those who don’t fit into the other clans. The bits about the sloths are priceless. I’d love to hear this story:Borden will tell anyone the story, out of range of Admiral Aubrey’s excellent hearing, of Jack’s brand new white sails and the now infamous squid.

  2. Blacksonia

    This made of cuteness 🙂
    I always felt that the Dr. Who and Torchwood shows were very cruel to Jack… I HATE Gewn and her attitude and then… they kill Ianto ;-(
    I love that Jack as found hapiness with the Sloths and Spike. 😉

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