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Sylum Advent 2016: December 1st


  1. Antoinette

    A nice opening with unfamiliar characters and a glimpse of familiar ones. I headed for the wiki to read about Daryl and Rick. I enjoyed how they managed to survive and eventually settle into married life. I like this: Ever since he had fully Mated with Van Helsing and trained to be a Vampire Hunter he came across more threatening without trying to be, closing out an open thread. I like the bits about Woodbury and that some people managed to escape to a better life.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      After the Premiere I had to write something and this ended up being a nice coda to The Devils Tattoo. Plus added Winchesters 🙂 Though i can say there will be a 3rd in that series – just need to get the bunny to settle down.

  2. Dian1988

    As I am unfamiliar with the Walking dead your story but more “flesh” to them in the Sylum world.
    Thank you for this nice look at these characters and of course the Winchesters are always a nice addition.

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