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Sylum Advent 2015: December 30th

Sylum Advent 2015: December 30th




Title: Protector of Rome

Author: Bj Jones

Sylum Timeline: Way way way in the future

Note: Download Sylum Anniversary Vol 2 – hit Assassins Creed Trailer … and read.


He moved with ease.

For he had walked these steps a hundred thousand times before.

The crowd parted.

First the media.

Then the people.

Finally the Cardinals.

The mass of red swept itself aside as he continued his journey to the steps of the Basilica.

He stopped a few feet past the Pillars of the Church, his focus on the Pope who stood before him.

Alexander VII.

Rodrigo Borgia.

Returned once more.

He had worked his way through the ranks of the Clergy, all the way to Cardinal. Bribed, threatened, and manipulated the College to win election at Conclave. Within six weeks of his taking office, his corruptions spread through the Church.

Indulgences sold for a price.

Mercy given for a favor.

He claimed that the plague of Vampires on this world was due to the sins of the Church.   Declared divorce once again unforgiveable, homosexuals were to be banned, children of unwed mothers not to be baptized. Forgiveness was not a blessing, but could only be earned.

The hungry grew hungrier.

The outcast became more disgraced.

The sick became sicker.

Alexander VII lived in luxury, wearing fine silks and gold crowns. His favorite Cardinals got cushy jobs, and extravagant homes, while those who opposed him were exiled and destroyed.

“Who do you think you are?” The Pope stared down at the Man in White.

“I was given the task of protecting St. Peters Church from those outside who would bring Her harm.” He paused, head raised as he looked brazenly at the Pope. “Or from those who choose to corrupt Her from within.”

“Giovanni Auditore!”

He smirked wickedly. “I will not have you corrupt the Vatican any further with your greed. You have no place in His Church, Rodrigo. You did not before. You do not now.”

“And you have no power here!” he growled snapping his fingers.

Vatican Police and Swiss Guards moved between their Pope and the well-perceived threat.

With a flare of the dramatic, the Assassin threw his hood back, revealing a familiar face to them. “My name is Ernesto Olivetti, Inspector General of Vatican Security. You know who I am. I command you men to put down your weapons, for this is not a Holy Man who was divinely Chosen, but a man who has sought power and greed for his own earthly desires.”

The Square went quiet.

The first to bow their heads in respect and walk away were his Vatican Police. For the story was legendary within their ranks, that on the day after Pius XVII had been buried, Inspector Olivetti’s office, along with his rooms in the Apostolic Palace, had been Sealed. The only thing he left behind, were his badge and gun, which were now located in the Vatican Archives.

It had been rumored that when the Church most needed Her protector, he would return.

Many had laughed at those who still believed.

But they held onto the hope that one day it would prove true.

That the Inspector would once again take charge of the Vatican, and prepare it for the safe return of Pope Patrick.

The Swiss Guard hesitated, but the steel of determination in the Inspector’s eyes, made them take a united step backward. They knew of the myths and legends just as much as the Vatican Police. Their histories had been intertwined for generations. It had only been until recently, with Alexander VII, that the two forces were once again separated.

The few men who continued to move forward, were easily disarmed and tossed aside.

None were killed. Only their pride was wounded.

“You think I would rely on loyal guards?” Rodrigo snapped his fingers, and out from the main doors behind him spilled mercenaries, armed with military grade weapons, and all wearing body armor. “Kill him!”

From the sea of Cardinals came the ‘Brotherhood’.

Ezio took his place at his father’s right.

Altaïr on Ernesto’s left.

Nikolai slid next to Altaïr, his rifle resting on his shoulder.

Javert stood quietly next to Ezio, sword in hand.

Aveline took point next to the Frenchman, while Shau Jun closed the flank next to the Russian.

Ernesto smiled.

Behind them, two men – one who had carried the name of Pius XVII and the other a Monseigneur – bowed their heads in prayer.



  1. Oh no!!!! I want the rest please, pretty please with sugar on top???

    Sigh, I know I must wait, and it will be more than worth the wait, but patience is not my long suit.

    Again I thank you for sharing this wonderful world! I am in awe of the talent and skill shown in the stories, archives, and all the behind the scenes work that is ongoing to keep this site running so smoothly. Hats off to all of you!!!

  2. Rocky Oberlin

    One, I was wondering if we were going to be treated to any of the Pope bunnies this time around. Second, YOU TURNED THE POPE INTO A VAMPIRE?! Yes, Patrick is a vampire, but the Pole as well? I think that a lot of the more conservative Catholics are crossing themselves in the story realm. (Good thing I’m a good little Lutheran. I just giggle madly and enjoy the great story.) Or is this how the vampire world gets introduced to the rest of the world? It would figure if the Crimson Moon decided to try assassinating the pope to cause chaos and that was the only way of stopping it.

  3. Dian

    Thank you for this great Teaser. I really enjoy that you turned Pius XVII, this gives the possibility to many great stories. By the way, is there a chance that he is the 3. Mate to Ernesto and Andrew? Again thank you and I look forward to more about these 3.

  4. Jocelyn/wildbird

    Do you have any idea what you are doing to me with all these little bits of stories and now you have turn the pope into a vampire as a Catholic ( well a solider in the Salvation Army that is) you have made me wonder who else is with in your range. I love your stories please please keep them coming.

  5. Felicia Cooper

    Another story to look forward to! I love the Pope and today I just finished rereading Roads Untravelled. I love the thought that the sneaky pope is turned. I thought for a moment that he may be Ezio’s mate. I kept finding things that I missed the first time I read the story. However, there are some things than need to be changed to fit the new storylines in the story. But I know that all of you great writers are working on those things as well as these great new stories. Where was Nick? Is he part of the Brotherhood? Okay, I’ll stop asking questions and wait patiently.

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