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Sylum Advent 2015: December 15th

Sylum Advent 2015: December 15th



Title: A Captain’s Plan

Author: Captain Jack Sparrow

Summary: The thoughts of the Mate of a new Second-in-Command

Author’s Note: Thank you to the General for allowing me to play in this wonderful place with these wonderful characters.

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  1. Excellent! Another of my favorite mates; Jack & Will. This story started when I found the BJ was writing fiction on another site. I had to follow along to read more of my favorite author. And lo and behold I found this wonderful world of Sylum. I loved it. But I wanted Dean! And then Dean and Sam were added. I read more and fell in love with the Vampire World and found more vampires and vampire mates to love.

    Thank you all for the wonderful world of Sylum!

  2. Kathie

    Excellent! Jack will do exactly as he has always done – support Will however he needs. Love these two. Hope they visit the Manor soon. Jack is another under rated leader that people misinterpret. He will get the job done and then get back to the ‘real’ Jack everyone should know and love. Thanks for this story.

  3. starkindler76

    Awesome, hon! So many people underestimate Jack. So many people are *stupid*. I love when you write Jack’s thought process, lol. It’s always so much fun taking a little ride in his head.

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