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It’s hard to believe we’ve hit 15 Years!  I’m not even sure where the time has gone.

The fact that Sylum is still going, and has so many plans for the future is awe inspiring.

I think all of you for being here, supporting Sylum through the years, who knew we were going to include pandemic in that category.

As you know we do a lot to maintain Sylum, and on occasions ask for help to keep the servers up and running.

The servers hold the blog, wiki, and archive, which are supported by Dreamhost.  It costs $150 a year to keep up with all the hosting fees.  If you can please donate directly to Dreamhost – all donations go directly to the hosting service and we do not see any of the money.

If you would like to help support me directly you can always stop by Sylum Vault (though we’ll be closing on the 1st to prep for our move … though reopening in October).  Get some beautiful bling, bookmarks, greeting cards, and other accessories!

As always your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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