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Sloth Day!

Sloth Day!

It’s the annual Sloth Day!

Which has to have a Sylum Snippet

It was a big day for Sylum.

The sloth was coming.

Thomas had printed out all the instructions Wadswoth had emailed, then sent them to all the staff.   They had cleared a section of the back porch, enclosed it with some heavy screens, installed the fake tree, and made sure there was plenty of blankets.   He gave the new sloth sanctuary a final inspection, and hoped the new Sylum member would be comfortable in his new home.

Louisiana may have tropical moments, but its weather was different from the Rainforest.  So they had made sure to add temperature control into the enclosure.  At the moment the humidity that was driving most of the clan members up a wall, was perfect for the incoming sloth.

Master Nicolaus hadn’t stated who was bringing the sloth, or how they were actually shipping a live animal from Brazil to New Orleans.  The amount of paperwork and time it took to get Nico’s new horse from Spain was pain staking, and Kevin was the one who dealt with most of it, as the Clan’s Stable Master.  

“Ah, the good Thomas!”  

Efford sighed, crossed himself then turned around giving the pirate a disapproving stare.  “Captain Sparrow, what have I done to be subjected to your presence?”

“I come bearing gifts.”  He leaned forward as if part of a vast conspiracy.  “Do I hand it off to you or the other pirate?”

He bit back a second sigh, gave Cook a hand signal, who nodded then went looking for Nico.   It didn’t take long for him to show up on the porch, frowning slightly at Sparrow.  “Tell me Will is here somewhere?”

“He’s talkin’ to Kenway.  Thanking him for some knives and training against squid face.”  He shrugged as if not worried his Mate was dealing with a long dead pirate that was not sane on good days.  “Be good for Aubrey to have some other goody tooshoes to talk to for a few moments.”  The sad part about the whole statement, was that it made complete sense.

“What are you doing here?”

He glanced around extravagantly, as if checking to see if there were any eavesdroppers nearby.  “I’m here to drop off the package.”

“There is no way Vachon left you in charge…”  Thomas paused when the good Captain threw open his jacket to reveal a sloth wrapped around his middle, buried in about a half dozen scarfs and ties.  

Nico shook his head, then gently reached out of the sleepy sloth, it instantly squeaked and reached out.  “Hello Velcro welcome to Sylum.”

“My dear brother that is not how you hold one of these creatures.”  The voice was a soft British, despite coming out of the more burly figure.  Kenway reached up and slipped down his hood, and before Nico could hand the guy over it squeaked excitedly and slowly made a tumble for the pirate.  Kenway with a smile brought him closet tucking him into his jacket.  “Do we have any hibiscus flowers?”

Thomas held out the bowl.

They all sat there in awe watching the deadly pirate, who could kill any of them with his barehands, settle onto one of the chairs and fed the sloth while talking to it softly telling him about his new adventures.


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