Seven Days of Summer: Day 3 – Fic by Gil Grissom & Bj Jones


Title: The Black Queen

Author: Gil Grissom

Rating: FREO

Summary: Hotchner and his team go to Seattle to recruit a hacker and Aaron gets far more than he bargained for.


Title: CSI: Anthology – Blood Drops

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRAO

Summary: This is a series of stories of how Nick & Warrick deal with being CSIs working in Vegas.

Author’s Note: This series of stories takes place through CSI seasons 1 – 4.  Some episodes have been changed to fit Sylum perimeters.  Also there are Sylum storyline changes that will be showcased in the 10th Anniversary of Clan War.

2nd Author’s Note: The episode title will be used as reference.  I would suggest a re-watch of Old School CSI, to get the references, as the episode is not re-written it’s only there as a base of what’s going in and around that moment.

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  1. Nicolaus Meridius says:


    Well that’s one to find your other Mate *grins*

    let alone hacker to the clan 😀

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