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Seven Days of Summer: Day 1 – Fic by Bj Jones

Seven Days of Summer: Day 1 – Fic by Bj Jones


Fic: Vive la Révolution

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRM

Summary: Clay finally sees his son again

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Fic: CSI: Anthology – Pledging Mr. Johnston

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRAO

Summary: This is a series of stories of how Nick & Warrick deal with being CSIs working in Vegas.

Author’s Note: This series of stories takes place through CSI seasons 1 – 4.  Some episodes have been changed to fit Sylum perimeters.  Also there are Sylum storyline changes that will be showcased in the 10th Anniversary of Clan War.

2nd Author’s Note: The episode title will be used as reference.  I would suggest a re-watch of Old School CSI, to get the references, as the episode is not re-written it’s only there as a base of what’s going in and around that moment.

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  1. Shep

    Great job, love seeing more background for these characters unfold…Also, I have to say I think my favorite part is The French Revolution according to Dean Winchester…definitely makes it much easier to understand 😀

  2. Kathie

    Trying again. Fabulous. I really liked this. Glad to see some peace for Clay and his Mates and more family for Dean. Jensen finally gets to meet his stepson. Nice that Sam is seeing things from his past, too. Thank you for this.

  3. I read the Anthology fic then watched the episode. The episode got a LOT more interesting!

    I have to agree with Shep that The French Revolution according to Dean Winchester was awesome. If I’d had it explained that way to me in History class I might have got a better grade. 😀

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