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Seven Days of Summer 2016: Check In

Seven Days of Summer 2016: Check In


It’s June 13th … I should be seeing stories or art from those who are working on Seven Days by the 15th.

So I’m sending a call out to those participating in Seven Days!

This will give me time to look it over, and make notes/comments.  If anything needs to be adjusted to fit in canon, there will still be time to adjust.  At this time we’ll start working on getting a story banner made for the fic.

All fic and art need to be finished and to me by June 25th – no later than June 28th.  I’ll need the time to set up the posts on the blog for Seven Days.

If you can’t make the deadline, please contact me now so we can discuss.  Please be honest – I’ll need some time to come up with a replacement if necessary.

If you have any questions – contact me or reply to this post.

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