Seven Days of Summer 2016: Check In

Seven Days of Summer: Check In


It’s June 1st … when did that happen I’m not entirely sure!

Sending a call out to those participating in Seven Days!

If you are doing fic – I’ll need to see the story by the 15th.  This will give me time to look it over, and make notes/comments.  If anything needs to be adjusted to fit in canon, there will still be time to adjust.  At this time we’ll start working on getting a story banner made for the fic.

All fic and art need to be finished and to me by June 25th – no later than June 28th.  I’ll need the time to set up the posts on the blog for Seven Days.

If you have any questions – contact me or reply to this post.

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  1. Paula Cas says:

    Almost there. *Phew*

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