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Scarf Day

Scarf Day

Scarf Day!

Who knew that was a thing!

And lucky for me it fit with in a Snippet that checks one off my very long list *yes go me* 

John Winchester had been in a few cold places through his life, especially the days as a Hunter.  He had staked out Vampire nests, and other criminal activities, sitting in first the Impala then later his truck, in the dead of night, at times temperatures heading for zero.  

But nothing compared to the cold winter nights in Romania.

He had finally decided to deal with Van Helsing, by showing up instead of waiting for when he might get around to coming back to the United States.   After the situation, with the Mutants, with Sam and Dean settling down, going back to school – it was time to finally deal with the big fucking elephant in the room.

So he said goodbye to Bobby, drove first to New Orleans, where he stayed some time learning about being a Hunter and some of Van Helsing’s past.  Then with the Clan Leader’s blessing, got a plane ride out to Romania.  He had to admit it was kinda cool, flying on a private jet, and Lance seemed like a cool guy.  

It hadn’t been easy, then nothing in his life was, but they were talking and making it work.

Right now he was standing on one of the tallest towers at ‘Drakula’s Castle’.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry, though he did take a picture and sent it to the boys, along with Bobby – since the irony was too perfect.

“You will catch a cold out here.”  

John was proud that he didn’t jump at Gabriel’s voice.  Instead he casually looked over his shoulder, to see the older Hunter bundled up in his large coat, scarf and the damn hat.   It shouldn’t be as hot as it was.  

“I didn’t pack my winter gear, left it with Bobby.”  He shrugged pulling the coat he did have tighter around him.  The old army jacket was actually warm, but it had seen better days.  

Gabriel pulled off his scarf, then stepped closer wrapping it around John’s neck, pulling him closer as he expertly tied it into place.  He took a deep breath, smelling his Mate on the material, something inside him shifted, feeling more comfortable and at ease.  “Thanks.”

Van Helsing held the scarf for a few seconds, then leaned down and gave him a quick kiss.  “There’s coffee and fresh bread.”

“Would you mind if we stayed here for a few more moments.”  

Gabriel pulled him closer.  “Sure, we can do that.”

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