RP Tuesday: Mardi Gras at the Manor


RP: Mardi Gras at the Manor


Rules: This RP will be up for a week, a new one will start next Tuesday.  Have fun.  Be courteous.  You can participate as much as you want, as little as you want, at anytime.


The ballroom was decked out in full Mardi Gras flavor.  Purple.  Gold. Green.  Beads, masks, flour de les was draped, hung and tossed around (artistically).  The two tables by the kitchen were filled with all styles of food, including Gumbo, Po Boys, Beignets and local delicacies.  The Bar was open.

All that was left was to welcome the guests.

Nico opens the doors to let everyone in.

“Welcome and Happy Mardi Gras!”

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16 Responses to RP Tuesday: Mardi Gras at the Manor

  1. Methos/Jade says:

    Methos wanders in, grabs a beer, and finds a spot to sit.

    “Happy Mardi Gras!”

  2. Eric Delko says:

    Happy Mardi Gras! Have a good time at the Manor.

  3. Walks into manor. Dressed in all black, dress pants and button down shirt. Black mask.
    Looking around to see who’s here. Nods Nico, and to Methos and Eric. Salutes them with a open bottle of cold beer. Happy Mardi Gras guys.
    Where is everyone? Quiet.
    Wonders out to the front porch to sit in rocker. Waiting on Chase.

  4. Methos/Jade says:

    Lazily waves a beer in Eric’s direction, then at Jack. Realizes beer is empty, and decides to get another.

  5. Felicia/Alexx says:

    Mama Alexx walks in carrying a bag of head necklaces. “Happy Mardi Gras! Now, where are my sons and my grandbabies?”

    • jackbauerconnie says:

      Hi Alexx, looking beautiful my lady. Don’t know where they are but should be around somewhere!

      Heads in for another beer and food.

      Everything looks do good.

  6. jackbauerconnie says:

    Just finished watching Supernatural. Wondering how the Winchester brothers are doing?

  7. Felicia/Alexx says:

    “Well, I guess I’ll help myself until they get here,” Alexx said, going over to the table laden with food. She greeted the other vampires that were standing there.

    • jackbauerconnie says:

      Food looks good! Think I’ll take a little bit of each. Nods with a small smile to the others and grabbing a plate starts choosing food of the food tables.
      Taking his food and another beer goes and sits at one of the round tables that are sit up to eat at.
      Watches the others doing the same and waiting to see who else shows up.

  8. Methos/Jade says:

    “Bit slow around here so far…wonder what I can do to liven things up?”

    • “Sugar, I’m not sure anyone can handle what you would do to ‘liven things up’. ” Alexx said, knowing just what kind of character Methos is. New Orleans may not be able to handle this vampire on a mission.

  9. Methos/Jade says:

    “Oh, I wouldn’t do anything too bad…”

  10. jackbauerconnie says:

    Sure Methos what are you thinking? Wondering if I have to get fire extinguisher and any other reinforcement?!

  11. Methos/Jade says:

    Looks as innocent as possible. “I have no idea what you’re talking about….I was just thinking watching some fireworks….”

  12. Methos/Jade says:

    glances at a large box he left outside….”might be nice. That’s all.”

    • Felicia/Alexx says:

      “No. With your luck you’ll burn down New Orleans and make Sherman try to one up you. You know that boy and fire.”

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