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Discussion: Tuesday RP??

Discussion: Tuesday RP??



Though we have the forums set up for discussions/rp and the likes for everyone, I’m seeing that it’s rarely if at all being being used.

So the question I’m sending out to the list – If I set up a an RP Post once a week, or something similar – would you guys go to town – enjoy the old style RP that used to be on the list?

We got over 500 hits a day during Advent so I know you guys are out there.  It would be nice to see some of you during the rest of the year 🙂


This is for fun, doesn’t have to be perfect, or in canon, just have fun with it.

PS: If I don’t get any responses in the next few days to this – I’m going to just assume this is a no go.


  1. Rocky Oberlin

    I enjoyed reading the RP’s, but I would have trouble joining in. One, I would have to ask for a character and I haven’t looked to see who was available. The second, and more bothersome, is the fact that I’m not always able to join in since I work every other Tuesday. The computer I work with doesn’t allow for Sylum to come up and It’s difficult to type on my Kindle, especially when I might have to put it down for something that will come up. And I work 3rd shift. What I write will be up the next morning, if I respond at all. Still, it would be nice to see the RP’s up again.

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