Reminder: New Sylum Security Group

Sylum Security Reminder

As a reminder we’re moving the Security List to a new list.  If you missed the State of the Clan, we’re doing this because Yahoo is an asshole.

In the original security group we had it arranged that an email would go out once a month as a reminder of the password.  Considering they deleted all the files, we figured this would change.  Shockingly, Yahoo fucked that up.  On the 1st of January, Yahoo sent out that email.  Problem:  I can’t change, delete, or do anything with it!  There is no file to change, no section in the control panel to change what goes out, and they is no support from yahoo.  Great job there Yahoo.  Which leads to a major problem, when we change the password, once a month an email would go out with the wrong information.

Because of this we came with a new system, that is based on the old.  Sadly, Yahoo is one of the only systems that has a ‘mailing service’ that is basic and free.  Mailing Lists, are clumsy and can be expensive.  While other groups have restrictions on adult content.  And we’re not going password free, due to the nature of our content.

So we’ve built a new Security Group, through Yahoo.  It works just like the old one, you sign up and you get the password.  If you are on the old group you WILL have to join this one to get the new password.  And yes it is a NEW password.

The old group and password will be deleted March 1st.  So you have about 2 weeks to transfer over.  I’ll be sending out reminders on the blog and the old security group.

All links on the blog, plus the one on the new Front Page of the website have been updated to reflect this change.

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