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Random Post: National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Random Post: National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Yes! It’s an actual day!

For More Information: National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Sylum Snippet by Bj Jones

Barry shook his head, looking at Blue who was secured in the Veterinarian Cage.  “I can’t believe that works.”

“Rat Mac & Cheese.”  Owen ran a hand down the side of his Beta, talking to her soothingly.    She purred softly, then growled at Barry for good measure.  He glanced up to see his Childe, staring at him.  “What?”

“Rat Mac & Cheese?”  He asked hand waving toward not just Blue who had been secured but also Charlie.

“Yeah, what about it?”  Owen gave Charlie a scritch on the nose, he heard Dr. Evan yell about the butt wiggling, and tail lashing

“How the hell did you even discover that Raptors like Mac & Cheese let alone with added Rat?”  Barry had known Owen for over a century, seen him accomplish some crazy shit with predators but this just took the proverbial rat.

“It was when they were young.”  Owen leaned against the inside of the gate, letting the vet give his girls their shots, and take blood for testing.

Owen glanced around his small shack sighing at the destruction his girls had caused.  Blue was the biggest by six months, Charlie and Delta were about the same size at three months, and Echo barely six weeks was the most destructive.  Plus he had a feeling little miss was looking to topple Blue off her Beta status.

Goodluck with that honey.

Charlie and Delta had chased an animal under the porch and killed it, except it gave them both upset stomachs as the animal’s venom had gotten’s it’s revenge.

“Did I not tell you to leave that one alone?”  He pointed at the two mischievous Raptors.  “You’re lucky Dr. Charles Evan, likes you two.”  They wiggled around at the name of their favorite vet, or more like the only vet that went near them.  “So Mac & Cheese for you, help your little garbage disposals you got for stomachs.”

Who knew Mac & Cheese would be a favorite baby Raptor meal, with added protein and vitamins.  He needed to added in some extra antibiotics, so he pulled a few rats out of his freezer, yes he had rats in the freeze.  Which sadly wasn’t really all that different from being home in South Africa.

He fixed up the stock pot full of Mac & Cheese, cut up the rat and fried it, making sure to open the windows to dissipate the smell.  He looked down to see the four staring at him, mouths watering.  Echo lunged at his leg, Blue knocked her flat and growled until she stayed.  As he dished up the food, he made sure Echo got hers last as punishment.

A few months later when he had to move them into their enclosure, he had talked with Dr. Evan about how to get them settled for shots and blood work, as they were beyond cute adorable bitey Raptors to his lethal deadly girls.  

The Veterinarian Cages were invented and Rat Mac & Cheese was the perfect incentive.

“You’re insane.”  Barry laughed lightly.  “But this is not new information, you’ve raised Raptors.”

“Well wish me luck.”  He heard Evan yell that he was done, and released the catch, letting both girls wiggle out and run into their enclosure.


“Dad’s coming for a visit.”

Barry laughed out loud, patted Owen on the shoulder. “See if the Rat Mac & Cheese works on him.”

“Not helpful!”  He shook his head as Barry walked away still laughing.



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