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Poll: Sylum Con? Take 2

Poll: Sylum Con? Take 2

This a secondary Poll to see how many are interested!  At the moment we’re at 9 people, and to be honest that isn’t enough to make having a Sylum Con into a reality.  If you have previously voted yes or no, please do not vote again.

As a reminder …

If we have one it will be in Los Angeles, likely around Octoberish 2019.  We’ll need at least 20 people interested, and by interested I mean truly plan to go – not just oh sounds like fun but can’t really make it.  There will be a Con Fee to cover expenses for conference rooms, events, etc.  At this early in the game we’re not sure what that will be, but it would likely start at $100.

As Cons like these are a lot of work, I’m starting this early!  Please fill out the poll below to showcase if you’re truly interested.

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