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Please Read: Sylum Warnings

Please Read: Sylum Warnings

Warning Labels


We’ve had discussions on this before.

I’ve written similar essays on our Modern Sensibilities.

And as we approach Advent, along with the next chapter of Clan War, I thought it would be a good time to remind people of one of Sylum’s basic things.

We don’t do individual story Warnings.

We never have.

We never will.

Sylum has one basic Warning …

Any and all Sylum Stories can and will have the following:

graphic violence, graphic sex (slash & het), torture, character death, abuse (mental, sexual, & physical), incest, rape, non-con, appropriate language for time periods (aka: derogatory terms & names), underage sex, kinks … the list goes on.

As writers, our job is to tell a story.  Tell the best story that we can.  We don’t shy away from controversial subjects, nor do we whitewash history.  Our job is not to hold the readers’ hand, or make sure they always comfortable.

This may sound harsh but it’s true.

You don’t always have to like it.

You don’t always have to read it.

Hell, I’m sure that at some point you will feel uncomfortable while reading this vast multiple character universe, as it does incorporate everything.

We work to be as historically accurate as we can, and as we know already, history is not always pretty.

We will explore sexuality in all of its assorted shapes and sizes – from simple pleasures to all styles of kinks, with everything in between.

We don’t shy away from religion of any type, and show the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

There are times we’ll dive into the degradation of society, and the horrific crimes that are committed.

We get that there are moments, places, and things that will upset people.  It’s not our intent to purposely upset someone, but it’s not our job to make sure we don’t upset you either.

So on that note.

Advent is coming up … we have 32 days of fics, artworks and videos coming your way.



  1. Kathie

    Thank you for keeping with true history instead of whitewashing it. It isn’t all that wonderful and we are supposed to have worked to improve it while not forgetting how we got to where we are.

  2. Blacksonia

    As I told to someone else, those are your stories, you write them the way you want!!! If someone don’ t like that they just need to stop reading. Nobody force them to read, so if they keep on reading… they can only blame themself!! Ufff!!! The big ignoramous!!!
    By the way: Thanks for all the great stories!!!

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