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Pet Memorial Day

Pet Memorial Day

Today is Pet Memorial Day!

As we all have those pets we loved dearly – I figured to post a picture of Sammy & Merry who I still miss dearly.

So who are the pets you miss?


  1. General and clan if I posted pictures of all the fur kids that are waiting for me and my family I’d blow up the list just naming names for now.

    Smoky,Klondike,Brandy, Frosty,Kelly, Echo, Renegade, Tasha ,Tara, Cody, Sara, Scribbles, Lightning, Sparkle, Beau, Misty, Raven, Megan, Gypsy, Holly, Destiny, Ghost, Holly, Mark, Star, Grace, Bunny, Reba, Tilt, Petey, Christy, Roger, Jessica, Wendy, Archie,

    Some are mine, some are dad’s, some were moms

  2. Amy/Calleigh

    My rat terriers Shorty (i was 4 when i got him – runt of litter and shortest docked tail), and Cricket (was the special pup. He loved to jump and do backflips. Some ******** shot and killed him. Then there was my rat beagle Patches (whose named because of his coloring)

  3. Naj

    My General,
    The ones I think I of most often are Sophie, Sheila, Lori, Reina and Cynder, some of our beloved dogs. Of our kittyfaces are Buffy, Lessa, Alaric Lord Morgan, Moonsong, Clate, Baby, Koko and Duffy.
    I love and miss them all. Hell, I even miss my oldest daughter ball python, Virgo. (When Vir was little more than a hatching she would wrap around my wrist and play bracelet.).
    I could write a book about how much joy each of them have me. RIP, kids! (Hanky, please….?)
    —Naj :,(

  4. Jocelyn P

    My cats, Candy, Pixie, Sotty1, It’see (my nephew was 2 at the time and name my cat) Tiger, Ginger and then my family dogs, Honey, Fuffy, Bigboy, rose and soon my nephew fox-terror Doc (who has cancer and is not expected to live till Christmas). All animals are love and mourned when they leave us, and most are always in our heart till we see them again over the Rainbow Bridge.

  5. Jennifer Dupre

    I had two dogs and a cat that my beloved thought was a brilliant idea to name them Chaos, Havoc and Mayhem. They proved their names. Chaos was a black lab/German Sheppard mix. Havoc was a black cat and Mayhem was our blondie bear (golden retriever/border collie mix). We miss them even now.

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