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National: Pie Day

National: Pie Day

It’s that time of year again! National Pie Day!

And for the 3rd Annual – Pie Day Snippet

As Dean sent off a text to Charlie, he noticed the date.

March 13


Pie Day.

For two years now Sam had brought home a pie, to celebrate Dean’s geekness and obsessions with pies.  He loved his brother, the sappy bastard.  This year he had wanted to surprise Sam, but time had been lost between the project he had been working on, and the last Hunt Van Helsing had sent them on.

He checked his watch, Sam would be in class for at least another hour, and he knew his brother’s study group, would likely distract him for another hour after that.  With a few phone calls, he had a plan in notion.

Sam was exhausted by the time he got home.  One day he was going to throttle all of them, or just let his Mate know about the flirting and let him do it.  They had friends, family – those who would help them bury the bodies.

Hell, dad showed them how back when they were teenagers.

All Sam wanted was a hot shower with or without Dean was okay at the moment, order some takeout, and fall asleep next to …

The sight before him was the perfect ending to a hellish day.   Dean was wearing those fuck me now jeans, and nothing else.  He was sprawled out on the couch, it looked like he had fallen asleep waiting for Sam, which just made him melt … then he saw the pie.




It was Pie Day!  He was trying to make it a tradition, something fun for his brother who never really had anything fun growing up.

Wait there was Pie.

“You’re late bitch.”

“I was making out with some college freshman and lost track of time.”  Sam snarked, tossing his bag onto one of the chairs. “Oh wait that would be you.”

Dean snorted, but his smile was all horn dog.  “You look tired.”

“Rough study session, we have a mock trial coming up and found out the Judge presiding will be a Supreme Court Justice.”  He sat down next to his Mate, falling sideways until his brother pushed him back up, both laughing.

“You’ll rock it like you do.”  Dean gave him a smile.  “I got us a pie.”

“I’m sorry I forgot.”

“Sam, at this moment we’re living a life.”  He laughed for a moment.  “An undead life that neither of us saw in our futures.  The fact you even knew there was a Pie Day, geekboy, and wanted to share it with me, means more to me that I’m likely ever going to say.”

“Sap.”  Sam nudged his shoulder.  “You deserve to enjoy Pie Day.”

“I do.”  He reached over and grabbed the chocolate pudding pie, giving his Mate a wicked smile. “Now how about we celebrate…”  He took a bite, licked the spoon suggestively, then laughed when Sam grabbed the pie, pushed him back onto the couch and began to appreciate the fact his Mate was shirtless.



  1. najean1

    Love it! I’m doing one if the Snoopy dances; the one where he sings the “Suppertime” song and has his food bowl on his head..
    Sam, Dean and chocolate pie — oh yeah!
    —-Naj ❤❤

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