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National Make a Difference Day

National Make a Difference Day

Today is Make a Difference Day

There are so many ways to make a difference.

Hold the door open.  Call up a friend to see how they are doing.  Support local community centers.  Give to Charity.  Make someone smile.  The list is endless.

In a world that at the moment seems filled with hate, anger, and blindness to one’s neighbor – I felt it was a good time to take this idea and use it on the blog.

So each month we’re going to showcase a charity that could use some love.  These are charities either we’ve donated to before, or have heard from reputable sources they are good ones.  We’ll be showcasing local, national, and global charities.

(If you have one that you would like showcased email me at: – Subject Line: Charities)

This month’s charity is dear to Sylum’s heart as it was started by Paul Walker.

Reach Out Worldwide goes to Natural Disasters around the world.  They’ve been at every Hurricane, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Fires ….

It’s a good charity and the fact it lives on in Paul’s name is heartwarming.

Reach Out Worldwide


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