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National Landline Day

National Landline Day

Okay who here still uses a landline?  Or remember the days of getting the extra long cord so can talk in your bedroom, and your parents couldn’t hear?

This National Day deserved a small Sylum Snippet

“Is it in?” Nico snuck into the kitchen to watch the serviceman take out the old telegraph box and put in the new telephone.

“You have no patience.”  Thomas gave him a disapproving look.

“I remember when the telegram was installed, the fact I could send messages out to others in hours was amazing. The very idea I could call Arthur one day, instead of waiting days sometimes months for a response.”

“It is exciting.”  Thomas had to agree.  They had established a telegraph decades ago, and it felt like such an advance in technology, and now they were getting a phone.   A secondary phone was being put into the General Store in Vacherie, to be used by the local citizens.   “We can keep track of our Mates.”

Nico snorted.  “Well the downside is the Council will be able to yell at me quicker than sending a courier.”

Thomas bit back the smirk.  “Well at least things will not be boring.”

“Are they ever?”


  1. We still have a landline. We also have a battery phone in the attic where you turned the crank and the operator connected you when you said, “Deerfield with 3 numbers. We also have a rotary phone or two hiding in the attic. If you wanted to know the neighborhood gossip you picked up the receiver and listened in on the ‘party line’.

  2. najean1

    I finally got rid of my landline last year. The only calls I was getting were robocalls and jerks ghosting lines to call people. Hell, my own number called me once!!! Withno way to automatically block a call, I gave up and got rid if it. At least on my cell, I can block the jerks so they can’t call me.
    That said, I sort of miss the old days. Back when my girls were born, the phone company still owned the phones and if you needed a new cord, they provided them. My younger cat, Kiri-chan didn’t like it when I talked on the phone and she would bite through the cord. It got to be comical: I would walk into the store, hold up the cord, the saleswoman would sigh and ask “Kiri?” I’d nod, she would hand me a new cord and I would drive home.
    Ah, the good old days…. **giggle**
    —-Naj 😀

  3. Sheryl Vahle

    My landline was bundled with my internet when I originally moved in 33 years ago. I checked about 5 years ago to get rid of it and found out it would increase my internet cost more than just leaving it in place.

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