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National Day: Bubble Bath Day

National Day: Bubble Bath Day

It’s take a Bubble Bath Day!

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Darren groaned as he slid into the warm tub, filled with bubbles.   He took a deep breath of the eucalyptus as it wafted upwards from the water.   Every inch of his body ached, but in a good way.

“Can I join you?”

“If you cannon ball you’re a dead man.”  He looked over at his Mate, who had a look of mischief on his face.

“I’m to sore to even think about it.”  Ben slid into the large bathtub, one of the things they upgraded when they bought the house.  He leaned against Darren, enjoying the warmth and comfort.  “This is perfect.”

“Leave your hand where it is, I’m so not in a mood for anything but soaking.”  Darren let his head fall onto the back of the tub.

“Oh the mind may want but the body is not willing.”  Ben left his hand on his Mate’s thigh, just more for comfort than than to arouse.  “My hair hurts.”

“I can wash it once, my arms decided to stop feeling like lead weights.”  Darren snickered slightly.

It had been a rough game.

And it wasn’t even a regular game, or an off season game, or even a test match.  It was the guys just getting together, playing in the park.   Kai had joined them, and the guy was an evil son of a bitch.  That adorable soft smile, and even temper he has with his Mate was all lies.

But then they had met more of the Meridii line over the years.  And they all were evil sons of a bitches.

“Remind me not to play with Kai ever again.”  Ben muttered.  “Well unless it’s in the bedroom.”

Darren snorted.  “The best part was watching the Matthew brothers stare at him in fear.”

“By the way, why haven’t we Fed?”  He glanced back at his Mate.

“Cause the Marquis is more of an asshole and punishing all of us for destroying his lawn.”


  1. najean1

    Kai and Marquis are both evil, evil, EVIL men!! I guess the influence of Thomas and the other Caretakers has gotten around.
    Lovely image of Ben and Darren cuddled up in a bubble bath…… **sigh**
    —-Naj 😀

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