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National Brother & Sister Day

National Brother & Sister Day

It’s National Brother & Sister Day … I figured the Frye Twins deserved a Sylum Snippet!

Jacob Frye stood behind the bar at The Rookery pouring beers, and topping up the bowls of Twiglets and Pork Scratchings.  He was blatantly ignoring the commotion near the entrance instead focused on the customers.

“Not going to help?”  One of the local patrons nodded towards the start of the brawl.

“She’s good.”  He wiped the bar before sitting another pint down.

“Are you sure?”  Another asked as a chair was broken over some bloke’s back.

“Aye!  Woman leave the furniture alone!  We have to pay for that!”  He yelled, voice carrying over the ruckus, the then turned back to the guests.  “Get you blokes, anythin’ else?”

“Another pint, and a ten note on the girl.”  One guy chuckled as he watched the brawl.

“Surprised, as her brother you ain’t defendin’ her.”  Another commented.

“You haven’t met my sister!”  Jake scoffed at the thought.  “She can take care of herself.” He glanced over noticing she had one of them in a choke hold.  “Hey no killin’ the twats.  Don’t want the bobbies in here!”

The body dropped to the ground, the poor sod gasping for air.  When the guy who started the fight, tried to blindside her, she quickly stepped to the side, grabbed the guys arm and everyone heard the snap.

Jake cringed, then muttered to one of his Rooks, who was watching with glee at the end of the bar.  “Might want to call Cal, let him know there will be a few patients heading his way.”

“Wait.”  One of the spectators looked at Jake, only finally processed what he had said earlier.  “She’s ya sister?”

“Twin.”  He smirked as he wiped down the glasses.

Evie tossed all three blokes out on the street telling them to keep their hands to themselves next time, and if she saw them near The Rookery she’ll do more damage.  When she stepped back into the pub she got a round of applause, though a few stared at her in a mix of want and fear.

She slid behind the bar giving her brother a wide grin, as she grabbed a pint and downed it.

“Have fun?”  He asked chuckling as he shook his head.

“An actual gift from your sorry arse I liked.”

“It’s your birthday, luv?”  One of the guys smart mouthed, not really understanding the danger he was about to put himself in.  “I got a gift for you.”

“National Brother and Sister Day.  I let her take out the trash.”  He gave the guy a look that would send most idiots running for the door.  “Next round’s mine.”

Evie chuckled wickedly, as Jake grabbed the guy by the shirt collar …


  1. Najean1

    You would think that gents who regularly attend the Rookery would be aware of what Evie can do. Ah well, changing clientele.
    Great story for National Brother and Sister Day. Loved it!
    —-Naj 🙂 ♥️

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