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Museum Day

Museum Day


It’s Museum Day!  So first off I’m always an advocate of going to museum and learning new stuff!  

So first off – what is your favorite local museum?

Second – OMG Looky snippet from my long list.  This one is for Nyx (Neal/Elizabeth/Peter)

Neal wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or smack the both of them.  Though he had to admit it was sweet and hilarious all at the same time.   

“I can’t believe that you got opening tickets to the Raphael exhibit.”  He shook his head, but wasn’t going to turn the opportunity down.

“We figured you would want to see some of your old work.”  El slipped her arm into Neal’s.  “Peter promises to look the other way if you happen to snag one or two.”

“I’m not that crass.” He gave Peter a knowing look.

“It’s not stealing if it’s technically yours.”   Peter shrugged, he came to terms a long while ago that there were certain things that Neal was capable of doing and would do and he wasn’t going to be able to stop it.  The fact he uses those skills to help him at times, along with Nathan just made him Neal.  Being with Neal and in some odd aspects Elliot and Nathan had him contemplating a lot of things over the past decade.  And seriously some rich asshole loosing a piece of art was the least of his concerns.   He was now more concerned what the rich asshole was stealing from everyone else.

“I did have a workshop, so some maybe only mine in theory.”

Peter chuckled as he gestured towards the door.  “I did invite Nathan and Elliot, but they said we should have some fun times on our own.”   

“Elliot is taking Nathan to a baseball game.”  El added.

“And you two picked to a museum over a game?”  Neal smiled softly at them.

“Hey what better way to spend a Saturday then getting all the stories about the paintings from the actual painter!”  El leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  

“Thanks, seriously thank you for this.”

“Any time.”  Peter laid a hand on his shoulder giving him an open smile, wanting to do more but hated having to keep his distance.

“So first off this one on the pamphlet, isn’t mine at all…”  Neal got lost in old memories as he told them stories of a time long passed.


  1. najean1

    A lovely story! Well, who better to tell you the story of a painting than the un-dead painter? LOL!
    Which brings me to the museums we have in Louisville. First, we have the J B Speed Art Museum on UL campus, the Frasier History Museum near the waterfront downtown, the Louisville Sluggers Baseball Museum where they make the baseball bats, the Derby Museum at Churchill Downs and some smaller places I can’t call to mind at the moment.
    Oh, and we also have the Rausch Planetarium, also on the UL campus.
    —Naj 😀 😀 ♥️♥️

  2. Connie

    Great snippet!
    I love the Franklyn Institue of Science in Philadelphia. It’s about a half hour away. I live in the Northeast Sububurbs of Philly. There’s also Philadelphia Art Museum and the Mutter Museum. To name a few!

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