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Migratory Bird Day

Migratory Bird Day

Migratory Bird Day

Sylum Snippet by Bj Jones

Dom looked out the window, then turned back to Doc.  “Did you call Nick?”

“I tried, but his line’s busy.”

“He doesn’t have call waiting?”  He gave him an incredulous stare.  “Or is it that you can’t get past Thomas?

“All Caretakers are alike in that regards.  If I don’t want to be disturbed, no one is getting past Missouri, not even Teaspoon.”  Doc sighed, head in his hands.  “It’s just a bunch of geese, can’t y’all just walk around them?”

“One chased Han halfway down the driveway, before giving up and then made a run for Doyle, who almost snuck past it.  You’re lucky he hasn’t set up a snipper nest somewhere to take the bastards out.”

“Why hasn’t he, to afraid Nick would find out?”

“He was muttering something about Warrick and the Owl Vendetta.”  Dom crossed his arms over his chest.

Scurlock stared at his second, not sure if he was serious or not.  “They’re only here for two weeks, then move on.  Be happy this isn’t their nesting area.”

There was a loud squawk, a scream, and then a slam of the door.  A few moments later, Daniel stepped into the office, with a look of horror – and this from the man who faced down grizzlies or so the legend tells.  “It bit me.”

“It’s just a goose.”

“Geese are evil! I never fucked with a goose in my life.”  He waved his hands around, eyes flashing in madness, hair falling from the ponytail.  “Why? ‘Cause I’m not stupid.  Geese are of the devil.  I’m not going outside until they are gone.”

And with that he stormed off, ignoring the snickering from both men, at his ripped pants, ass hanging in the wind.

There was another squawk, but no scream or slamming of the door.  Both men curious who got past the squad of evil outside, when Ronon and Brian walked into the office barely fazed.

Eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“What?”  Brian stared back. “I made a deal with the head goose a while back he leaves me alone.”

They both looked at Ronon.

“Show respect and they’ll respect you in return.”

“Yet it still hates me.”  Dom glared at his Mates.

They both gave him a pointed look then wandered off.

Another squawk, this time a yell and the sound of someone running around the front yard.  “Damnit Teaspoon I know this is the only time a year you get exercise, but stop chasing the bird and get in here.”

Teaspoon squawked at the Goose, then slammed the door just as it charged.  He smirked at Buck, who rolled his eyes.  “It never attacks you.”

“That is because I respect all creatures.”  He shook his head, and headed for his rooms.  What he wasn’t going to tell him, was that Hickok had shared with him Nico’s technique of dealing with Geese.  Worked like a charm, every time.

Teaspoon glared at his Childe suspiciously.  “I say we have roast goose for Christmas.”

“Do you want the Vendetta to come here?” Doyle just appeared out of nowhere. “Learn from Warrick’s mistakes, it’s not worth it.”

“Where the hell did he come from?”  Doc glanced at Dom, who shrugged.  “This happens every year, you would think y’all would make plans for this.”

“And you did?”  Teaspoon stared at his Clan Leader.

Josiah smirked, grabbed his bag from under the desk, gave Dom a quick salute.  “I’m going on vacation.”  Opened the back window tossed his bag to Jose, then climbed out the window, away from the evil geese.  He was a goddamn regulator, and knew how to sneak around loud obnoxious bastards with grace and dignity, by fleeing out the back.



  1. Najean1

    LMFAO!! The thought of Daniel Boone getting bit on the ass by a goose and running from it tickled me no end. My daughters have Boones in their background on their father’s side. (Grandmother Davis was a Boone. This is Kentucky –what can I say…)
    I also loved the mention of the Owl Vendetta, and how Nick would be upset if they hurt a goose.
    Loved the snippet! Hoping for hummingbirds in my garden this year.
    Geese we have aplenty. Just go down the road to Beargrass Creek; a bunch of them think Louisville is a fine winter home. I look forward to seeing the goslings.
    I’ll shut up now…..
    —-Naj 😀 ♥️

  2. Felicia Cooper

    Hee hee! I smiled all the way through this! I don’t remember the Owl Vendetta; can you tell me where to find it? I LOVE asylum stories; I’ve been here since 2005 and it keeps getting better. I’m sorry I’m not more active (respiratory health problems) but I’m a faithful reader. Thank you General! I may just reread the entire series (old and new) while in quarantine. Stay safe everyone and be blessed!

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